League of Legends Upcoming Champion Milio Teaser

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has officially released a teaser for the upcoming League of Legends champion, Milio, in the newest PBE.

In the middle of season 12, Riot Games released a roadmap video about preseason 2023. In that video, they teased many upcoming champions in development. And one of them was a male enchanter from Ixtal.

Since he was very early in development, Riot only showcased the small fire creatures that would roam around him. But at the time, they barely revealed anything about him. But during the season 13 reveal, Riot disclosed plenty of information about the upcoming enchanter champion. They also unveiled his name, Milio.

While Riot did not discuss his gameplay, they stated that his elemental magic is fire. Moreover, they also mentioned that he uses fire magic to heal and buff his allies. And Riot afterward just talked about his lore. But they also stated that Milio would be the first champion released in 2023.

While the fans were waiting desperately for some new information about Milio, Riot added a new easter egg, teasing the upcoming champion.

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YouTube video

Milio Teaser

In this newest PBE, going to the bot lane of the Summoner’s Rift will reveal Milio’s “Firebuddy.” This creature is sitting there, chilling. We can expect Milio to control this Firebuddy and heal the nearest allies while perhaps giving them some buffs.

milio firebuddy
Image Credits: Riot Games

While this is a teaser, it still doesn’t reveal much information about Milio. Additionally, we don’t even know what he even looks like. Because of the mysteriousness surrounding Milio right now, many people are joking that, that Firebuddy is Milio himself.

And for the release date, if Milio is being teased in patch 13.4, then most probably, we will see him in a subsequent patch, like patch 13.5 or 13.5. So we might see him within the next month or so.

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