League of Legends champions who have not received any new skin in more than 1000 days

There are more than a thousand skins in League of Legends and hundreds come out each year still there are some champions who haven’t received any new skin in more than 1000 days.

In League of Legends, there are currently 148 champions with over 1080+ skins and more new skins coming out every month. But surprisingly even with all these skins, at the time of this writing are 12 champions who have not received any kind of new skins in 1000 or more than 1000 days. In the League community, which is known as 1000 day no skin club.

Riot recently got a lot of backslashes over these new skins announcements. A few days ago when Riot announced second prestige skin for Kai’sa players started to call out Riot for only prioritizing “money-making” champions.

Champions like Kai’sa and Irelia have five skins a year and Yasuo is about to hit that mark as well, however, there are still 12 champions who are in the 1000 day no skin club.

(Last updated July 20, 2020)

1000 Days No Skin Club Champions:

Viktor – 1000+ days

  • Release date: 12/29/2011
  • Total no of skins: 4
  • Last skin: Death Sworn Viktor, Date: 10/25/2017

Elise – 1000+ days

  • Release date: 10/26/2012
  • Total no of skins: 5
  • Last skin: Super Galaxy Elise, Date: 10/16/2017

Singed – 1000+ days

  • Release date: 4/18/2009
  • Total no of skins: 9
  • Last skin: Beekeeper Singed, Date: 10/11/2017

Cassiopeia – 1000+ days

  • Release date: 12/14/2010
  • Total no of skins: 5
  • Last skin: Eternum Cassiopeia, Date: 9/20/2017

Kayle – 1100+ days

  • Release date: 2/21/2009
  • Total no of skins: 9
  • Last skin: Pentakill Kayle, Date: 8/8/2017

Zac – 1100+ days

  • Release date: 3/29/2013
  • Total no of skins: 3
  • Last skin: SKT T1 Zac, Date: 6/27/2017

Quinn – 1200+ days

  • Release date: 3/1/2013
  • Total no of skins: 4
  • Last skin: Heartseeker Quinn, Date: 2/2/2017

Azir – 1200+ days

  • Release date: 9/16/2014
  • Total no of skins: 4
  • Last skin: Warring Kingdoms Azir, Date: 1/19/2017

Kalista – 1400+ days

  • Release date: 11/20/2014
  • Total no of skins: 3
  • Last skin: SKT T1 Kalista, Date: 8/17/2016

Shyvana – 1500+ days

  • Release date: 11/1/2011
  • Total no of skins: 6
  • Last skin: Super Galaxy Shyvana, Date: 5/25/2016

Kindred – 1500+ days

  • Release date: 10/14/2015
  • Total no of skins: 2
  • Last skin: Super Galaxy Kindred, Date: 5/25/2016

Kindred is rumored to be getting the Spirit Blossom skin in the the upcoming patches.

Skarner – 1900+ days

  • Release date: 8/9/2011
  • Total no of skins: 4
  • Last skin: Guardian of the Sands Skarner, Date: 4/26/2015

Some champions might be getting five skins a year, but champions like Skarner has not received any new skin in five long years.

However, Riot did announce that they will be giving new skins to the champions who have not received any skins for a long time. At the beginning of season 10, there were about 20 champions in the 1000 day club but now it is only 11 means Riot is keeping their words and we can expect to see more new skins in the upcoming patches.


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