Riot is planning to implement a feature that will help players find Clash teammates in-game

Riot has a piece of good news for the players who don’t have enough friends to play Clash, as they are now planning to implement a feature that will help you find Clash teammates in-game.

Clash is League of Legends’ competitive team-based tournament mode where players play for rewards. During its beta release in 2017, players had to undergo a lot of crashes and some game-breaking bugs. However, Riot did fix the majority of the bugs when Clash was released on February 22-23, 2020.

In order to enjoy and play Clash, players need to form a team of five players. As there is no option to queue as a solo player and play Clash, many players struggle to play Clash because they don’t have anyone to play with or their friends have already formed a team and he/she is left behind. Although there are many communities that help those players, many League players were asking Riot Games if it is possible to auto allocate players into Clash teams randomly. Well, it can be a temporary solution but it will just make the tournament another solo queue game mode.

“We’ve definitely recognized that one of the biggest things keeping people from playing Clash is not having enough people to play with,” Riot Games said. “But we don’t want to just start throwing random folks together into Clash teams, because then the experience starts feeling a lot like Solo Queue, But With Trophies.”

And to solve the issue, Riot is planning to come up with a solution that will help players find Clash teammates from his/her friends, friends of friends, and players with whom they have already won a match in regular games of League of Legends.

Riot will reveal more information about the new team build later this year but in the meantime, they have advised to check out Clash LFG Megathread on Reddit, r/TeamRedditTeams to find Clash teammates.


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