More K’Sante Changes Coming in LoL Patch 13.23

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has announced even more K’Sante adjustments coming in patch 13.23.

K’Sante was the last champion released last year. And since then, he has been a hard champion to balance. He is one of the very few launch characters who were underpowered when they were released. K’Sante was mainly underpowered because he was a hard champion to play.

But afterward, he got many buffs. But each buff made him stronger in higher elo while keeping him the same in lower ranks. Because of these buffs, K’Sante was one of the strongest champions in the higher ranks. He was either picked or banned in all matches. He also had one of the highest presence in pro matches.

Because of all of these, K’Sante not only got a lot of nerfs, but he also got some slight reworks as well. Very recently, in patch 13.21, K’Sante got some much-needed buffs. But these buffs made K’Sante a lot stronger.

Lead Gameplay Designer of League of Legends, Riot Phroxzon, revealed on Twitter all the changes that are coming to League of Legends on Patch 13.23. Additionally, one of the champions who is getting nerfed is K’Sante.

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K’Sante Nerfs Patch 13.23

  • Q Mana: 15 >>> 28-20
  • Q Base Damage: 30-150 >>> 30-130 (scaling unchanged)
  • E Shield: 45-125 +15% bonus HP >>> 50-210 + 10% bonus HP
  • R Passive Amp: 45/60/75% >>> 30-78% by level
  • R Bonus AD: 15/30/45 >>> 10/25/40 (scaling unchanged)
  • W Hexflash bug fixed

Almost everything in K’Sante’s kit is getting nerfed one way or another. Firstly, the W Hexflash bug was fixed, as now it is replaced with Magical Footwear.

K’Sante’s Q mana cost was increased while the late-game damage was decreased. At the same time, his E shield was also reduced. As for his ultimate, the flat bonus AD was decreased, but the scaling still remains the same.

Overall, these nerfs will greatly impact K’Sante’s team fight potential. But these changes won’t make him unviable. So, if you still want to play K’Sante and dominate, you can still do it after the nerfs.

Release Date

These K’Sante changes are hitting live servers on patch 13.23, scheduled for Tuesday, November 21, 2023.

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