Riot Confirms K’Sante Will Get Big Changes After Worlds 2023

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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K’Sante is set to receive some massive changes after Worlds 2023.

Riot has had a bit of hiccups with their new champions in 2023 in terms of balance. League of Legends has seen the release of K’Sante and Naafiri, while Briar is on the way soon. So far, K’Sante and Naafiri have been huge problems on the balance front.

At this point, most players are familiar with the K’Sante meme created by Showmaker. His kit has been a problem to deal with, as he gets too tanky and deals a ton of damage. While his stats in Solo Queue are not that great, he is OP in Pro Play.

We have seen multiple montages of K’Sante’s taking over games. As of late, Riot has decided not to make any changes to K’Sante. People were wondering why that was the case. So, Riot Phreak chimed in and talked about the future of K’Sante. Here is what we know so far.

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K’Sante Changes After Worlds 2023

Riot Phreak posted on a thread talking about Patch Changes that K’Sante will receive some changes after Worlds 2023.

According to Riot Phreak, K’Sante has been trending downwards in Pro Play presence. With more changes, players have started to move away from K’Sante. This is due to both K’Sante getting nerfs and other top lane champions getting buffed (e.g. Aatrox).

So, K’Sante is not that high of a priority for Riot to make some changes. However, Riot still wants to do some work on K’Sante after Worlds 2023. While he did not go into details on what changes will be coming, we have to wait and see what Riot does.

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