Kha’Zix to get a VFX update on patch 10.24

Kha’zix is getting a VFX update with improved visuals and thematic on League of Legends patch 10.24.

Riot has been constantly giving Visual Effects (VFX) updates to the champions whose spell effects are outdated and need some love in 2020. Previously, on patch 10.15, Riot gave a VFX update to Ahri and Udyr. Additionally, champions like Cassiopeia, Annie, and Nautilus have also received their own Visual Effect updates.

And now, League of Legends’ Visual Effects Lead Artist for Skins Riot Beardilocks has announced that Kha’Zix is set to receive his VFX update on patch 10.24.

“Our goals for these sorts of smaller scope updates is to improve the overall gameplay clarity of VFX whilst bringing them up to modern League of Legends standards,” Riot Beardilocks on these VFX updates. “This means that our efforts are primarily aimed at spells which do not clearly communicate the hitbox.”

“VFX Update aimed at modernizing this old champion’s feel while improving his gameplay readability. We also took this opportunity to get a better look at the Void thematic’s VFXs to better illustrate its modern representation in the Lore,” Riot Beardilocks on Kha’Zix VFX.

Base Kit:

P – Reduced the noise of the ring whilst bringing the target indicator into the void thematic better

BA – New swipes and hit effects.

Q – Reduced the noise of the hit effects, as well as how long they linger

W – Improved the colours of the missiles to fit better into the void thematic. Made sure the VFX matched the actual hitbox of the spell.

E – Reduced noise and ensured the VFX match the hitbox

R – Improved VFX when entering stealth. Changed VFX coming out of stealth to have more of a “destealthing” feel.


Riot’s approach when updating skins for Khazix was to keep changes minimal. Kha’zix’s base VFX was significantly worse than any of his skins. As such, the skins were updated only to more clearly show the hitbox.


  • Added VFX to show the range of W and E better


  • Added VFX to show the range of W and E better


  • Added VFXto show the range of W and E better


  • Added VFXto show the range of W and E better


  • Adjusted W and E VFX to show the range better


  • No changes

The new Kha’Zix VFX update is set to go live on patch 10.24 which is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov 24, 2020.


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