Cassiopeia is getting a VFX update in patch 10.11

Riot Games is planning to give Cassiopeia a VFX update in patch 10.11 with a massive ultimate range.

League of Legends’ Visual Effects Lead Artist for Skins Riot Beardilocks announced that they are testing some VFX updates for Cassiopeia in the PBE.

“We’re trialing some very small scope changes to clarify hitboxes, starting with Cassio R,” he said. “We’re trialing some very small scope changes to clarify hitboxes, starting with Cassio R.”

Cassiopeia’s VFX will include a clear ultimate hitbox with a massive range on it and some small changes into her Q. But her W and E will remain unchanged on all skins.

Riot Games didn’t bring any noticeable change to Cassiopeia since her rework in patch 6.9. In these four years, her VFX looks pretty old compare to other new champions. As a result, Riot is planning to give her some fresh looks in patch 10.11. But these new changes have left many people shocked.

In Beardilocks’s tweet, many players are surprised seeing her new ultimate range and Reddit reaction into the new VFX is quite astonishing as well.

The current state of Cassiopeia in ranked games is not bad at all. She is currently sitting with an impressive 53.19% win rate in the mid lane with a 53.19% pick rate. Not to mention, Riot Games didn’t give her any kind buffs of nerfs since patch 9.14, yet she is one of the strongest mid laners in patch10.9. And with the new VFX, she might be the next must pick or ban champion in League of Legends.

Beardilocks mentioned, the new VFX is about to hit the PBE on May 13th. If testing goes well in the PBE it will be shipped to live servers on patch 10.11.

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