Ahri and Udyr are getting VFX updates in patch 10.15

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Udyr is finally getting some love in patch 10.15 where he along with Ahri will be getting new VFX updates.

Riot Games has been constantly giving new VFX updates to the champions whose spell effects are in need of improvements. They gave VFX update to Cassiopeia on patch 10.11, Annie and Nautilus on patch 10.3, and other champions like Ziggs, Thresh, and Lux in the past.

And now Riot Games’ Sr VFX Artist Riot Sirhaian tweeted today confirming that they are releasing new VFX updates for Ahri and Udyr in the upcoming patch 10.15. All the new changes will be hitting the PBE soon for testing and will ship into the live servers on patch 10.15 based on feedbacks.

Ahri VFX

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Base Kit:

  • Base Animation: Cleaned up missiles and hit effects.
  • Q: New missiles and hit effects. Now shows the actual hitbox. Healing missiles are now green.
  • W: New fox-fires, missiles, and hit effects. Mostly cleaned up and modernized.
  • E: Cleaned up missile, should feel more modern and its hitbox look should be more accurate.
  • R: New cast and ground buff effects. Also new missiles and hit effects.

Regarding Ahri’s VFX, Riot Sirhaian said, “VFX Update aimed at improving gameplay readability and bringing up her VFXs to today’s standards.”

Udyr VFX

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Base Kit:

  • Passive: New movement speed boost effect.
  • Base Animation: New hit effect.
  • Q: New transform effect and overhead symbol. Tiger form has a new DoT effect.
  • W: New transform effect and overhead symbol. Turtle form has new heal and shield effects.
  • E: New transform effect and overhead symbol. Bear form has a new stun effect.
  • R: New transform effect and overhead symbol. Phoenix has new AOE and cone effects.

There is no doubt that Udyr has the worst base model in the game. When Riot Games informed that there will be no VGU update this season and Dr. Mundo’s VGU was confirmed for 2021, League of Legends players went furious. Many players started to call out Riot Games showing how bad Udyr’s condition is and how he is in need of a VGU more than any champions in League of Legends. Riot Games even did a rework for Udyr in the past, but they never pushed it into the live servers.

And now, although it is not a VGU/rework, Udyr is finally getting some love in the upcoming patch 10.15.

But apparently, players are still unhappy with the changes. Some players are saying that this small VFX will be an excuse for Riot Games for not giving Udyr a complete VGU in the future. But replying to the criticisms Riot Sirhaian said, “We’re targeting what’s most urgent. Udyr was loooong overdue. These updates don’t change any plans we might or might not have for VGUs!”

It might be a small change but at least Udyr is finally getting something before his complete rework.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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