Jarvan IV, Rumble, and Xin Zhao are getting buffs on patch 10.18

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By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Some underwhelming champions like Jarvan IV, Rumble, and Xin Zhao are getting buffs on the upcoming patch 10.18.

League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has previewed the upcoming patch 10.18 today, and it seems like they are bringing in some major changes to Ahri and Kayle. Besides them, Riot is also buffing some underwhelming champions like Jarvan IV, Rumble, and Xin Zhao.

Jarvan IV Buff Patch 10.18

  • Q: Base damage: 80-240 >>> 90-250

Jarvan IV is one of the few champions who hasn’t received any changes in Season 10 yet and the last time he received a proper buff/nerf was back in patch 9.9. As a result, on patch 10.17, he only has a 48.2% win rate in the jungle while having just a 3.6% pick rate.

His performance in pro games is very poor as well. He is picked in 129 games so far in the 2020 Summer split where he only has a 41.1% win rate. Therefore, Riot is finally buffing J4 in the upcoming patch 10.18.

Rumble Buff Patch 10.18

  • Q: Total damage: 175-315 >>> 180-340

Unlike Jarvan IV, Rumble did receive a buff on patch 10.3. But even with the buff, he is still one of the lowest pick rate champions in League of Legends. Currently, on patch 10.17, he only has a 48.27% win rate where his pick rate in just 1%. Meanwhile, in pro games, he also has a 36.2% win rate. Thus, Riot is buffing him in patch 10.18.

Xin Zhao Buff Patch 10.18

  • W: Thrust damage: 30-170 (+75% AD) >>> 40-180 (+80% AD)

Xin Zhao has very similar stats as Rumble since his pick rate in the jungle is just 1.6%. Although Xin Zhao did receive a buff in patch 10.7, his win rate and pick rate didn’t improve at all. His pro games’ presence is one of the lowest as well. Therefore, Riot is buffing him once again in patch 10.18.

All these new changes are scheduled to go live on patch 10.18, September 2, 2020.

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