Indie Games

Heavenly Bodies releasing on PS4 and PS5

Heavenly Bodies is a zero gravity space puzzle game for the PS4 and PS5; includes co-op. Indie studio 2pt...

A new Amnesia game has just been announced

A new installment of the massive first-person survival horror hit series Amnesia has been announced by Frictional Games.

Dev saw a boost in-game sales after giving it away for free

An indie developer of a top-down shooter called Danger Gazers saw a huge boost in sales figures after giving the game away...

5 New Android Indie Games That No One is Playing

Here is a list of 5 awesome new Android Indie games that no one is playing, November 2019.


Katarina, Kassadin, Kled, and Maokai are on the patch 10.20 nerf list

Katarina, Kassadin, Kled, and Maokai are getting some major nerfs along with Nunu, Karthus, and Lulu in the upcoming patch 10.20.

Varus and Braum are getting buffs while Lulu receiving nerfs on patch 10.20

Patch 10.20 bot lane changes to feature buffs to Varus and Braum however, Lulu is set to receive nerfs.

Patch 10.20 Jungle Change: Nunu and Karthus getting nefs while Sion and Urgot are getting the ability to jungle

Patch 10.20 is going to put both Sion and Urgot into the Jungle list while champions like Nunu and Karthus are getting...

Katamari Damacy Reroll coming to Xbox One and PS4 this November

Bandai Namco's classic series Katamari Damacy coming to current-gen consoles as Katamari Damacy Reroll. First released in 2004 for...