Neon White: How To Unlock All Endings

Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
By Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
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credits: Annapurna Interactive

Here’s a detailed look at all the endings in Neon White and how to unlock them

Neon White’s parkour gameplay with first-person shooting has garnered much attention. Shoot, blast, slice, slash and destroy assassins, demons, and monsters with lightning-fast reflexes and speed as you try to get to Heaven and unravel the mysteries of your past. The gameplay is fluid, challenging, and above all, very satisfying; it keeps you wanting more. It’s not every day that you find such a well-crafted parkour action game. That does both the shooting and the parkouring right.

As you reach Mission 12 and defeat Green, you will find out that the game has multiple endings. Decided by which book you write Green’s name, Book of Death or Book of Life. These are the two endings in Neon White, and this guide will walk you through how to achieve both endings.

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The Book of Death

The Book of Death is the first ending you achieve by normally playing the game. After beating Green in Mission 12, you are given the choice of selecting a book to write Neon’s Green name, Book of Death, or Book of Life. If you’ve skimmed through the extra side objectives of the game, you can only choose The Book of Death. Hence, this is the normal ending.

Since you’ve written Neon Green’s name in the Book of Death, he is forever condemned to the depths of Hell. To unlock the second ending, you need to fulfill specific prerequisites that make you spend more time in the game. Furthermore, being unable to pick the greyed-out ending also raises curiosity on how to achieve the said ending.

The Book of Life

credits: Annapurna Interactive

The game offers a hint if you are confused about how to achieve this second or ‘true’ ending in Neon White. “Not Enough Memories” is a pretty obvious hint if you’re paying attention while playing. So what is a memory?

Memories are small flashbacks revealing more about Neon White’s past. Memories are unlocked when a player’s relationship increases with other characters, called Social Link. Social Links are raised when you give presents to the various characters in the game. Keep giving gifts, and interact to increase Social Links to the maximum levels. Hence, increasing the number of memories you unlock.

After you’ve done unlocking and maxing every Memory and Social Link, replay the final mission from the beginning. Now you can choose to write Neon Green’s name in The Book of Life after the boss fight, and doing so will cause Green to transcend to Heaven. This is considered to be the best or true ending.

Most of the gifts are not easy to find; therefore, you have to explore your surroundings and sometimes at places that are well hidden. Nevertheless, all the gifts you can find and who to present are listed below.

Neon Yellow: Six Pack

Raz: Lucky Cat Statue

Neon Violet: Tattletail

Neon Red: Perfume

Mikey: Cigars

Neon Green: Strange Coin

Follow these steps to unlock both endings in Neon White easily. We recommend a playthrough with the first ending without exploring much and get your hands warmed up with the fast-paced action of the Neon White.

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