How To Unlock The Farm in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

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For a devasted city like New Nevaeh, farming crops is the most important part of getting the city back to life! Through this guide, you will know the steps of unlocking The Farm in Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising.

In Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, you can explore the ruins of ancient buildings and have to face extreme challenges. It is your duty to play a heroic character who will get the town back to life again! Food is the center of life indeed. Farming in the gameplay can quickly bring happiness to the town.

New Nevaeh is the town in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, where you should farm Wheat and Nuts to create various food like pasta to revitalize the city. You can create different recipes at the Tavern, which is a region in the gameplay.

To farm crops, you must first unlock The Farm, where you will be able to grow all kinds of crops to feed the city. In this way, farming would become easier, and your gameplay would become more interesting and lively!

How To Unlock The Farm in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising
Credit: NatsumeAtari

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How To Unlock The Farm

To unlock the farm, you must follow the steps below:

Into The Ruins

While completing the seven quests, there would appear a third enemy, a boss in this gameplay, the Lode Golem. You must defeat the enemy to get this quest “INTO THE RUINS.”

On The Other Side

After unlocking Into The Ruins, you must explore the Runebarrows for quite a while to unlock the “ON THE OTHER SIDE” quest. This quest will lead you to the farmer named Ayus, who is in need of a Seed. And this is no ordinary Seed at all. You must complete the quest to find it.

Go To The Great Tree Glade

To find the Seed, you must go to the Great Tree Glade signpost, where you will face some enemies, and you must defeat them with your skills and resources as you go by.

The Final Treasure Chest

After defeating the enemies, you will find the Agricultural Seed in the Treasure Chest behind the Great Tree. Take the Seed to Ayus, and voila! You will have The Farm unlocked in a blink of an eye.

How To Unlock The Farm in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising
Credit: NatsumeAtari

This is the easiest way to unlock The Farm in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Happy Gaming !!

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