How To Unlock Trading Post in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Credit: NatsumeAtari

You become more powerful by upgrading your characters in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. But you must know the ways of trading and exchanging resources first, as by exchanging these items, you can upgrade your characters. This article will guide you through the steps of unlocking Trading posts!

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is filled with adventurous explorations where you will encounter ancient buildings, ruins, and challenges. This is a story where a town comes back to life with the help of the heroes after a heavy breakage. The heroes are YOU!

You can change your characters and upgrade your items through trading. Trading is a vital part of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. And to trade, you must know what is needed and how to unlock this amazing feature.

How To Unlock Trading Post in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising
Credit: NatsumeAtari

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How To Unlock Trading Post

To unlock the trading post and other related trading items, you must get to know the first character of the game, Hogan. Hogan will help you unlock your first Trading Post. But to unlock the Trading Post, you must complete the challenges and quest with patience.

To unlock the Trading Post, you must follow the steps below:

Find Mellore in the Quarry

While you complete your quests, you will find Mellore in the Quarry, a girl. Finding her is essential because you will get to Hogan faster and start trading immediately by tracing her.

Go Get My Treasure Chest!

Then you will soon find Hogan standing at Renes Pawnshop, where he will give you the task of finding his treasure chest at the Great Forest. You must complete his given task; otherwise, he won’t help you unlock your trading post!

Quick Travel To Cave Signpost

You should travel faster to complete Hogan’s task; that is why you must use the Quick Travel feature to save your time and get Hogan’s treasure chest more quickly.

Cave Signpost lies in the Great Forest, where you will find his treasure by defeating enemies.

The Final Move

After completing the task given to you by Hogan, you should return to Hogan as soon as possible and give him his chest. He will unlock your trading post with a stamp after receiving the treasure chest.

How To Unlock Trading Post in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising
Credit: NatsumeAtari

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This is the easiest way to unlock your Trading Post in Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising. Happy Gaming!!

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