How To Make Glass in V Rising

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How To Make Glass in V Rising

If you are looking for de way to make and craft glass in V Rising, you have hit the right spot. This one is not common, but also not a rare item. So, hold on till the last line to get every detail.

The castle you made to protect yourself is the leading patient who asks for glass. Other than that, what are you going to do with glass? See yourself? So, this glass is a reagent for various materials. Like, the windows of your magnificent castle or even the vials. The vials also crave glass. Now, the crude material of glass is Quartz. So that is where our primary focus will be. Let’s hop in!

How to get Quartz in V Rising

It would be best if you harvested Quartz from Quartz nodes at first. So, head to the Dunley Farmlands. This one has been unlocked since the early stage of the game. Later in the advanced stages, you will find two more locations. These are Silverlight Hills areas, where you will discover Silvers, and Cursed Forest. Other than these places, you might have a stroke of good luck in Dawnbreak Village, Mosswick Village, and the monastery that you will find in Dunley.

Before harvesting quartz, I will suggest you take some Holy Resistance consumables. The ambiance around the mining area is against your health. And the radiation as well. That is all for Quartz farming.

How to craft Glass

Let’s start with the Furnace. You will need 480 stones and 60 Copper Ore to build the Furnace. It will be placed in your castle. I forgot to mention that you must set the Castle Heart at the very beginning. Silly me!

Now it’s time for the recipe. The Sun Priestess secures the recipe for glass. She goes by the name Christina. Some priestess, she is. You will find her level meter at 44. So you better be prepared for her. I would suggest facing her with long-ranged weapons. And it would help if you were in a defensive position most of the time. With some skills and some luck, you are good to go.

Her place is in the Northwest of Dawnbreak village. The thing is, she has mood swings. There is a high chance you might not find her in her usual spot. For better luck, search for her on the roads between Dawnbreak and Mosswick. She loves to patrol here now and then. You found her, right? Slay her already!

After the battle with her, you will get your Glass recipe and some other items. There will be Purgatory Power, Holy Resistance and Blood Rose Potion recipe, and Empty Glass bottle recipe. Head to the castle for now. You need to put 20 Quartz into the Furnace to get Glass. It will come out as panes. Point to be noted; you will need a ton of panes of glass for various crafting items. Suit yourself.

That is everything you need to know about Glass in V Rising. Remember, fellow night creature, always sleep for at least 6-8 hours before standing before the mirror glass of your room. You will feel a lot good about yourself. Prost!

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