How To Get Silver Ore in V Rising

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How To Get Silver Ore in V Rising

If you want to get immunized to Silver in V Rising, this is your place. You won’t need a booster dose, have my word.

Do you remember what the Baron said? “What kills you makes you stronger,” Legend says he is buried somewhere in Castlevania. Leave him be. We have already seen what Van Helsing did to those poor night creatures with some silver items. All they wanted was some babies. Well, the time has changed a lot for sure. If we can get immunized to a deadly virus by pushing it in us, a fellow vampire can do the same by farming Silver.

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You already have a bit idea about Silver in this late stage of V Rising. Devs have considered the Silver to be the rarest resource in V Rising. The importance, thus, stonks. The Dark Silver Ingot weaponry has this special need to get crafted by Silver. To be more specific, you will need Silver for your advanced armors in the late stage of V Rising. Without further ado, let’s jump into the pool.

Where to Find Silver Ore

I already mentioned the rarity of this item. You also noticed the stonks of importance. So, it is evident that the locations of this metal have floors made of lava. Do not forget that you are going to get poison. So, you better take something to reduce the damage you will be taking. Therefore, craft Silver Resistance Brew and drink that before going on a silver adventure.

The first region to look for possible Silver is the Silverlight Hills. As I said before, these adventures are late-stage adventures. So, prepare yourself with at least level 60 gears. The foes there will not tolerate low levels. You get the rest.

The next place is the Sacred Silver Mine. You will find it in the Northwestern part of the map. The mines here are an abundant source of Silver. The flock of foes will come like a swarm. Slay them down and get inside the mine. You will see the Silver veins in the mine. Start mining. The moment you get your hands on them, you will know what that Brew was made of. Take as much as you can and get out.

Oh, you saw some Sulphur ores as well, huh! Take them as well if your storage fancies you. That is how you get some fresh Silver just out of the oven.

How to Use Silver Ore in V Rising

You can use this raw material can only in two ways. The Furnace that you have built; throw the silver ores in it. It will produce Silver Ingots. This one is necessary for various crafting items. The other way is using a Scourgestone to make the ores into Dark Silver. This material is crucial for armors and weapons in the advanced stages.

There you go; you now know how to get Silver and the way of using it in V Rising. But remember, fellow night creature, always stay hydrated, whether it’s fresh aqua or fresh blood. Prost!

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