How to Get Copper Ingots in V Rising

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How to Get Copper & Copper Ingots in V Rising

After following this guide, crafting Copper Ingots in V Rising will not be a hassle. So, buckle up till the last line.

Copper has a significant history in both Human and Vampiric editions. We both started using Copper just after we thought there was something much better than Iron. In V Rising, Copper has a great value in crafting various materials, as we have seen doing the same with Iron. You can literally craft fishing rods to heavy weaponry. And this is the material that you will be using continuously now and then. This is quite a constant ingredient for crafting jobs. So to do that, you need Copper Ingot from crude Copper. And you need to mine to get Copper. Simple as that. Let’s dive in.

How to Get Copper in V Rising

Let’s start from scratch. At the very beginning, you need Reinforced Bone Mace to mine Copper. Craft this item from your workbench. You will need 1 Bone Mace, 4 Planks, and 120 Stones to Craft this Mace. Once you craft it, equip and get ready to mine some Copper.

Copper is mostly found on the hillsides. I will suggest heading to Bandit Copper Mine first. It is in the Farbane Woods. There will be Copper veins here and there. We had already known about the Veins when we talked about mining Silver. Those Silver Veins were gray. But the Copper Veins will be more or less golden or bright orange. Moreover, the foes will also be here and there to monitor your mining activity.

Other than this area, you will also see some Copper Veins in Dunley Farmlands and Silverlight Hills. There is also a point to the Eastern Farbane Woods. Your Mace will not work here. You will need some good explosives to blow up the Copper Veins. To get the recipe for the explosive, you have to slay down Clive the Firestarter. He is a boss of level 30. Plan your moves, and you won’t be having that much of a hard time.

How to Get Copper Ingots

By this time, I have already talked about Furnace. Keep in mind that you will need plenty of crude Copper. Just throwing the crude Copper into the furnace will get you quite a low amount of Copper Ingots. Say, 20 Copper Ore will give you only one piece of Copper Ingots. Be careful with the expenditure.

There you go, fellow night creature—another mining story where you mine Copper to get Copper Ingots in V Rising. Remember, fellow vampire, mine Coppers all you want, but remember to sit in a good posture; you don’t want to slouch.

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