How to Fix High GPU Temperature Issues in Palworld

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How to Fix High GPU Temperature Issues in Palworld

High GPU temperature may hinder your gameplay experience in Palworld. Here are the fixes you can try.

Palworld is a survival adventure game developed by Tokyo-based Pocketpair. It spawns players into an inhospitable open-world environment where they need to find ways to stay alive by farming, cooking, building shelters, and combatting various enemy factions. To help them in their journey, there are Pokemon-like creatures called ”Pals”. Overall, the game has been very popular among adventure lovers and, especially, Pokemon fans.

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As the player counts of Palworld are increasing by a huge number, the gameplay experiences are not hundred percent smooth. Players are found to report various issues while enjoying their survival journey on Palpagos Island. One of the major issues seen is the unexpectedly high GPU temperature.

High GPU Temperature Issues in Palworld

Many players have been found to report that their GPU temperature reaches extremely high while playing Palworld. This issue has been reported for both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs, even for the high-end ones. So, it is not hardware-specific.

How to Fix High GPU Temperature in Palworld

If you are one of the players experiencing high GPU temperature issues while roaming in the vast open world of Palworld, you might be looking for some fixes. Therefore, we are here to state some ways you can try to fix this problem.

Adjust Graphics Settings

If your GPU is continuously running at high temperatures, you may want to try some other graphics settings. Change the Graphics Setting Preset to Medium or Low. This will help your GPU run Palworld more effectively and at optimal temperature. For the most optimal graphics settings to achieve the most FPS, take a look at this guide.

Lock Your FPS

The more FPS you try to achieve, the more workload your GPU has to perform. So to make your Palworld experience smooth, you can lock your FPS according to your monitor’s refresh hertz. For example, if you have a 60 HZ monitor, set your Max FPS to 60 or lower.

Use DLSS if available

DLSS is a technology developed by NVIDIA that significantly improves in-game performance by rendering it at a certain resolution that is below a monitor’s native resolution and then utilizing AI to upscale the result. Using DLSS will allow you to have more FPS with your current graphics settings. This will allow your GPU to work at less stress and at optimal temperature.

However, DLSS is not available for every version of Palworld.

Improve Airflow

Optimizing the airflow within your PC case is paramount for maintaining ideal temperatures and mitigating overheating issues. Over time, dust can build up your hardware, blocking the essential airflow of the system. So, if you are facing a high GPU temperature issue, checking whether our GPU fans are clean and working properly might help.

Palworld is a game developed in Unreal Engine 5. The visuals of the game and graphics design are very vivid and detailed. Moreover, the game is still in its ”Early Access” stage. So we can expect these issues to be fixed by the developers in the future. Till then, you can try these fixes to optimize your Palworld experience as fluidly as possible.

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