Is There Any Way to Turn DLSS On in Palworld on the Xbox App Version?

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Have you started playing Palworld on PC through the Xbox App? You may have noticed that the DLSS option is missing.

Palworld is an action-adventure game developed by the Japanese Pocket Pair studio. The game takes players into a land filled with “Pals” which resemble Pokemons. The survival game pushes players on a journey to capture Pals and craft many structures and items.

The game is currently available on Xbox Consoles, Microsoft Store, and Steam. While the game runs on a newer build on Steam, the Microsoft/Xbox App version remains a little outdated. The version mismatch is causing various problems, including DLSS being disabled.

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What is DLSS?

DLSS is a technology developed by NVIDIA that significantly improves in-game performance by rendering it at a certain resolution that is below a monitor’s native resolution and then utilizing AI to upscale the result.

Palworld DLSS Xbox App
Image via Nvidia

Can You Turn on DLSS on the Xbox App?

Palworld players on the Xbox App/Microsoft Store report that their DLSS setting is greyed out. This is because the Xbox version is running on an older version compared to the Steam port, which does not support the DLSS feature.

Palworld DLSS Xbox App
Image via Pocket Pair

However, if you are playing the game on Steam, then the DLSS should not be greyed out. If you’re GPU has DLSS support, then make sure to follow these steps if DLSS can not be turned on:

  • Update GPU Driver: Check if your GPU driver is up to date or not; if it is not updated, then download the latest driver from the GeForce Experience or NVIDIA’s official website.
  • Adjust In-game Resolution: If your GPU supports DLSS, then make sure to adjust your resolution to the highest setting to turn on DLSS support.

So, if you are an Xbox App user, have patience until Pocket Pair releases an in-game patch fixing the DLSS feature’s availability. Check out our Video Settings Optimization guide to run Palworld smoothly.

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