High On Life: All Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs are a whole new different type of mystery with tremendous surprises. This guide will show you all about Easter Eggs in High On Life.

The ultimate first-person action and adventure shooter game is called High On Life. In this game, talking firearms are present. Additionally, there are a total of 6 Gatlians, or ultimate talking guns, each with unique features and functions. Players can learn new abilities, develop their current ones, and enter the Metroidvania environment. Players must also solve riddles to save the world and take down the evil alien, the G3 Cartel.

There are mysteries like Easter Eggs. These Easter Eggs are not simply some Easter Eggs, but they are much different than those. In the game, the Easter Eggs are a whole different type of mystery you need to solve to go forward in your gameplay, and you will see various movies and games in the Easter Eggs mysteries.

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All Easter Eggs

Take a look at all the Easter Egg mysteries you will find in the game below;

Breaking Bad- Pizza (The Roof Scene)

To find this exceptional piece of the puzzle, you must go to Pizzeria, and you will find this pizza puzzle there on the rooftop. Get your jetpack on the roof, and you will find this special pizza.

High On Life: All Easter Eggs
Credit: YouTube (Gaming With Griff Griffin)

Buck Thunder II

In this part, you will get that look from Sam Fisher in the Splinter Cell while you go through a vent-like corridor in the game in the very first phase.

Rick and Morty- The Interdimensional Cable Story

While exploring, you will see this iconic part of Rick and Morty in Blim City. This scene is so thoughtful and fun to experience in the game. Hope you like it!

Dune World

Just like in the Dune World, you will find the Dune Worms aliens in the deserts of Port Terrene. Go beyond Port Terrene, and you will see these creatures; if you come across one, you might get attacked.

High On Life: All Easter Eggs
Credit: YouTube (Gaming With Griff Griffin)

Godzilla- The Cutie Town

There are different types of towns and places that you can visit and explore in High On Life. In this Easter Egg, you will experience your massiveness in Cutie Town, where everyone else is so tiny, just like Godzilla felt when it came into the human world. It could be an enjoyable experience for you!

High On Life: All Easter Eggs
Credit: YouTube (Gaming With Griff Griffin)

Hellraiser Puzzle Piece

In this puzzle piece, you will be experiencing the intimate looks of Demons and how they treat you in the void. You can get this Easter Egg experience in the local Pawnshop.


You will see the Trover Saves The Universe game poster outside the Mystery Theatre. It is a tribute to the game.

Mystery Science Theatre 3000

You will watch four different movies in total length in this movie theatre. For example;

  • Tammy and The T-Rex
  • Demon Wind
  • Blood Harvest
  • Vampire Hookers

You can get to this place by purchasing a Warp Disc, and when you get over there, you will find three aliens in their defined figures sitting in front of your row, which symbolizes the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 theme.

High On Life: All Easter Eggs
Credit: YouTube (Gaming With Griff Griffin)

Doom- 1993

When you start the game, the ambiance symbolizes the 1993 movie called Doom.

High On Life: All Easter Eggs
Credit: YouTube (Gaming With Griff Griffin)

These are all about the Easter Eggs in High On Life.

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