Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: All Home Ec Midterm & Finals Answers

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Every Pokémon Scarlet and Violet player must attend Uva or Naranja Academy and take tests in the subjects of their choice. You can find all the solutions to the game in this guide for all your Home EC finals and midterms.

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you will have your Pokémon. With your Pokémons, you can explore different parts of the world of Pokémon. Players will have to attend classes and give exams; if you get all the answers correct, you will be rewarded with Candies in each exam. Moreover, with these Candies, players can go forward in their gameplay very quickly.

All participants must turn in midterm and final exams and attend classes based on their topic. Don’t worry, though, if you didn’t put much work into the kinds; we’ve got you covered. For example, about the Home EC subject, you will learn the Basics of Sandwich Prep, Powering Up Meal Powers, and much more!

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: All Home Ec Midterm & Finals Answers

All Home EC Midterm & Finals Answers

In Saguaro’s class, you will learn about Recovery Items, Sandwich Prep, Keeping Your Pokemon Clean, and much more!

Midterm Answer: All Home EC

  • Which is not an effect of a picnic meal??

Answer: Increasing Speed

  • Which of the following affects the kinds of Meal Powers received from a particular meal?

Answer: Filings and Condiments

  • Which of these Berries can restore a Pokémon’s HP?

Answer: Oran Berry

  • Leandro wanted his Pokemon to decide when to use its item in battle, so he gave it an Oran Berry. This will work as he hopes.

Answer: True

  • If a move runs out of PP, it can no longer be used. If a Pokémon runs out of PP for all its activities, it can only sit there in frustration.

Answer: False

Finals Answer: All Home EC

  • Which Meal Powers make it easier to come across Shiny Pokemon?

Answer: Sparkling Power

  • Which of the following is NOT an effect of Egg Power?

Answer: It helps hatch strong Pokémon

  • What is a simple yet important tactic for increasing the effectiveness of Meal Powers?

Answer: Make food with others

  •  What is the correct action to take when your adorable Pokémon become dirty?

Answer: Pokémon wash

  • This is a question about academy rules. Should you change your uniform tops and bottoms to match each season correctly?

Answer: It doesn’t matter

These are all the midterm and final answers of All Home EC in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. You will get 5 Candies in each exam if you can correct it.

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