Hecarim is getting a VFX update on League of Legends patch 11.5

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Image: Riot Games

Hecarim is getting a VFX update with improved visuals and thematic on League of Legends patch 11.5.

Riot has constantly been giving Visual Effects (VFX) updates to the champions whose spell effects are outdated and need some love in the current meta. Last season, Riot gave a VFX update to champions like Ahri, Udyr, Cassiopeia, Annie, and Nautilus. Later in the preseason patch 10.24, Kha’Zix also received his own Visual Effect update.

Now, League of Legends VFX Artist Jason has announced that Hecarim is the first champion to get a VFX update in League of Legends season 11, hitting PBE very soon.

“Spooky Horse with a fresh new spooky look should hit PBE soon,” Jason said.

After the testing on PBE, the new Hecarim VFX is set to come out in the Summoner’s Rift on Patch 11.5.

Hecarim VFX new features

Here are all the new features coming with this Hecarim VFX:

  • HOOF PRINTS on 11 skins
  • An actual Firetail no more solid shape!
  • Cleaner Arcade Visuals
  • further enhanced thematic elements on Elderwood and other skins

More information will be available regarding this VFX update once it hits the League of Legends PBE.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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