Gotham Knights: How to Unlock Robin’s Teleport Slideways Ability

Gotham Knights have a different traversal ability for each character. For instance, Robin can use the teleport slideways ability. Here is how you can unlock it.

Gotham Knights opens up after the death of Batman. Since Batman is dead, city crime has been rapidly increasing. Then there are also the things Batman was working on before he died. So, to take his place, his four apprentices jump in to fill in the role.

You can play one of the four apprentices of Batman. These are Robin, Nightwings, Batgirl, and Red Hood. Each of them is different in playstyle and has a fully-fledged skill tree that you can upgrade. They also have different mechanics for moving through the city.

Robin gets a teleport for his traversal ability. But you need to unlock it first. Here is how you can unlock Robin’s teleport slideways ability in Gotham Knights.

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Unlock Robin’s Teleport Slideways Ability in Gotham Knights

You need to play a few main missions before you can unlock Robin’s teleport slideways ability. You can unlock this after you have started mission 1.3, named Weird Science. After you start the mission, go and talk to Alfred. Here you will receive some Kniighthood challenges for Robin.

The knighthood challenges are not too hard to complete, but they will take some time. Completing these challenges will unlock the teleport slideways ability for Robin. The knighthood challenges consist off:

  • Finish timed strike training
  • Defeat 3 minibosses
  • Stop 10 premeditated crimes

How to Complete Knighthood Challenge for Robin

To complete the knighthood challenge, you must complete the task mentioned. For the timed strike training, you can do it on the practice dummy on the Belfry tower. There, you will have to complete advanced training for the timed strike.

Stopping 10 premeditated crimes is straightforward. You will find different types of crimes in the open-world section of the game. Engage with these activities and stop the crimes. Complete 10, and you are good to go.

Defeating 3 minibosses can be done along with completing the crime-stopping task since minibosses show up often on a crime scene. But if you haven’t completed the miniboss fights even after stopping 10 crimes, you can check the database tab to find out more about the minibosses.

That is how you can complete all three knighthood tasks for Robin and unlock his teleport slideways ability in Gotham Knights.

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