Gotham Knights: How To Unlock Co-op Multiplayer

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Gotham Knights: How To Unlock Co-op Multiplayer

Find out how you can play co-op multiplayer with your buddies in Gotham Knights from this guide.

The Gotham Knight brings you an open-world RPG that claims to have the most dynamic Gotham till now. You can either play solo or play with your crime buddy to take down the vigilantes of the streets in Gotham. However, you do know all of these villains of Gotham that our Dark Knights used to make them kneel; there might be some new additions that you might want to know.

Gotham Knights hasn’t disappointed us by letting the buddies be in as co-op multiplayer. However, they cannot just get into the game just like that. There are certain drawbacks that have been pulling them off. Don’t throw the controller yet. Just scroll below to learn the fastest way to get your buddies by your side.

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How To Unlock Co-op Multiplayer in Gotham Knights

To unlock co-op, you need to go through mission 1.2, The Langstrom Drive. You will be investigating Langstrom’s corpse. After finishing the job, return to Belfry. Look out for the Bat computer. It will be just in the middle of the room.

Now, there will be a newspaper on the right side of the table. Read it. From this point, a short cutscene will begin where Alfred will be guiding you through the co-op facilities. Our job is half done here. You will be able to play co-op multiplayer with other players from this point in Gotham Knights.

Now, it’s time to change the privacy level. There will be four options for you. You can play with random Public, Friends, Mutuals, or even the one you invited. However, there is a little drawback.

Say, your character is of level 30, and you are the host. You invite your buddy, and he is level 10. No matter how advanced your skills and gears are, your credentials will drop down to level 10 to match your guest in Gotham Knights when you are in multiplayer mode. Even though this seems like a drawback, it maintains a balanced challenge for everyone, and I think it’s a fair fight.

There you go, mate; you have now learned all you need to know about unlocking co-op multiplayer in Gotham Knights. Cheers!

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