Gotham Knights: All Villains

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Gotham Knights: All Villains

You might want an overview of all the villains you will be facing in Gotham Knights.

WB pushed forward by killing off Bruce Wayne and letting the apprentices take the wheel. From now on, Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Red Hood will be on the streets of Gotham to finish their master’s work. Well, rather than finishing, they will be continuing the legacy, of course.

The Gotham Knight brings you an open-world RPG that claims to have the most dynamic Gotham till now. You can either play solo or play with your crime buddy to take down the vigilantes of the streets in Gotham. However, you do know all of these villains of Gotham that our Dark Knights used to make them kneel; there might be some new additions that you might want to know.

So, without further ado, scroll below to get a load of those lost souls.

All Villains of Gotham Knights

There is a total of 8 villains that the apprentices will be facing in the streets of Gotham. They are as follows:

Talia al Ghul

Talia has always been an anti-heroine in the comics. Even though her credentials can be found as an employee of Lex Corp, she also can sometimes be seen expanding a hand every now and then. And in Gotham Knight, she sure does have the most significant role to play.

Ra’s al Ghul

The leader of the League of Assassins is one of the classic and popular villains that will appear in Gotham Knights. However, even though he can be seen for a short time, compared to others, his role in the plot is intriguing. Moreover, the Dark Knight exhaled his final breath while fighting with his master in the Bat-cave.

The Talon and The Court of Owls

The infamous secret society is known to run Gotham city under their sleeve. Their role in every significant event in Gotham is like Captain Aizen’s plan; they pre-planned every move you make. These infamous villains are quite a bothersome in Gotham Knights. Moreover, the next Batman movie by Matt Reeves is rumored to put a light on the Court of the Owls. Eagerly waiting, Matt.


Even though with a shape like a pure monster, his abilities and talent cannot be overthrown just like that. With how terrifying he looks, his superhuman strength and shapeshifting ability will stomp you at some point in the game. This side boss has a lot to offer, and you have a lot to take.

Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze, aka Dr. Victor Fires, aka Mr. Zero, will appear in Gotham Knights as a side boss. We can see a glimpse of the boss fight in the trailer. Finding a cure for his dying wife, Nora, Mr. Zero will be on the streets of Gotham, as usual, to face off against the other vigilantes.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn seems to be one of the major villains in Gotham Knights that will have quite an impact on the overall storyline. Even though she will be having her sub-plot, there might be worries that if she is going to get the limelight, she deserves.

Professor Pyg

Professor Pyg loves to describe as a Surgeon by hobby. His hobby puts the people of Gotham onto a thin line of ice where they get no choices rather than turning into Dollotrons. He was last seen in Arkham Knights with a short quest. However, he will undoubtedly have a plot in Gotham Knights to let the new fans get familiar with him before appearing on the silver screen. At least, I am rooting for him.


Penguin is the most rooted character in the Batman franchise, almost the same as Joker. After his reveal in the game trailers in the previous year, there was little info on his plot. However, now it seems like he is only here to play as an NPC rather than standing toe-to-toe with the apprentices of the Dark Knight. It seems he doesn’t want to take the minimal risk.

These are the villains that you will be seeing from time to time in Gotham Knights. Adios!

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