Gotham Knights: How to Unlock Momentum Abilities

Gotham Knights’ combat is more focused on abilities than the Arkham games. So unlocking better momentum abilities plays a role in the difficulty of an encounter. Here is how you can unlock Momentum Abilities in the game.

Gotham Knights start off with the death of Batman. But just because Batman is dead, the crimes in the city don’t stop. So it is up to our characters, the four apprentices of Batman, to take his place and keep the city safe from all the crimes.

Unlike the Arkham games, the combat of Gotham Knights relies a lot more on the abilities, elements, and damage types. So naturally, it changes the flow of the combat and how you approach it. But, even though momentum abilities play a vital part, how to get them is not communicated properly. Here we will show you how to unlock all the momentum abilities in Gotham Knights.

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How to Unlock Momentum Abilities in Gotham Knights

Momentum abilities are powerful abilities that you can use in combat once the momentum bar is filled up. But before using it, you need to unlock these abilities first. Each character has different momentum abilities, so you may need to unlock some of them separately.

There are 7 total momentum abilities for each of the characters. To unlock the first one, you need to complete Knighthood Challenges for the character. This will reward you with a momentum ability. Then you need to complete the Guard Breaker Challenge to get another momentum ability. As for the last obtainable ability, you must complete the character’s side stories up to case file 7. Three momentum abilities can be found by completing three of these tasks.

As for the other four abilities, you can unlock them either by completing the main story mission or during the mission. These missions are:

  • Mission 1.4: Blackgate Blues – 1 ability during the mission
  • Mission 3.2: Chelsea Tunnel – 1 ability during the mission and 1 after completing the mission
  • Mission 4.2: The Orchard Hotel – 1 ability during the mission

Thus you will have all 7 momentum abilities the game has to offer. Have fun using them in combat and experiment with the abilities to figure out the best use scenario for them.

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