Gotham Knights Ending and Secret Ending Explained

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Gotham Knights Ending and Secret Ending Explained

Learn about the controversial and a probable cliffhanger ending of Gotham Knights. Hop in!

By this time, Gotham Knights have already become one of this year’s controversial games. With a lot of divisive reviews and all, it is pretty clear that Gotham Knights could not fulfill everyone’s wishes. It was more like a hybrid theory to the gamers. And with that flame, the ending Gotham Knights have offered, a lot has to be explained.

We started with the untimed and unexpected death of the Dark Knight. And with his departure, his beloved and most trustworthy apprentices took the wheel of Gotham, and soon they realized Gotham has a totally different game going of its own. And with the natural flow of the plot, Gotham Knights offers the gamers a typical ending that can be altered to another secret ending.

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The Ending of Gotham Knights

The Head Owl

We have discussed all the villains here. And since the beginning, the players were in awe of what might happen at the end. As from the start, after Batman’s death, it was a challenge for the Devs to pull the ending in Gotham Knights with a real deal. Otherwise, with all these infamous villains, it would have been a waste not to bring out everyone’s potential, as we have seen in Arkham Knights.

However, the Devs choose us to disappoint in the worst possible way. After a long haul, the Dark Knight’s apprentices finally found that Jacob Kane, Bruce’s former friend, is the head of the Court of the Owls. Throughout the ending, their only focus was on building a stronger base than ever, as Gotham’s Dark Knight is not here to bother anymore.

However, the Knights felt betrayed, but there was hardly any way left to bring Jacob under the light of justice. Even after being skeptical, they finally turned Jacob to the law. However, he gets assassinated just at the time of getting escorted by the police. And surprise, surprise; Talia was the one who pulled the trigger.

Talia’s Masterplan

Talia was walking in the shadow all along. After the assassination event, the Knights finally realized that after all this time, they were only being used by Talia so that the most ferocious clan of Gotham finally gets wiped out at the ending of Gotham Knights. And it was all so that the League of Shadows could now take the unacquired throne of Gotham.

The Knights now chase down Talia to the Lazarus Pit – and suddenly, Talia reveals her ace card, the Dark Knight himself. Talia used the power of the Lazarus pit to resurrect the Dark Knight and managed to brainwash him as well. And now, the Gotham Knights have to fight in some senses the Dark Knight. Eventually, our Dark Knight comes to his senses.

The Climax

A sudden turn of events can be seen here. The other members of the Owl reach the Lazarus Pit, and even after all of these, they still lend a hand to Talia throughout the ending of the climax to face the Gotham Knights. Things get really messy from this point.

After Talia somehow manages a way out of this, the Owls still want the last piece of you. However, our Dark Knight manages to ride on the Bat-plane nearby, and like the Kamikaze style, he finally decides to end himself with the Owls for real. He pulls the lever and takes down most of the Court’s members while crashing into the Lazarus Pit.

After a long haul, the Knights find the last remaining of the Dark Knight. Even though he is dead for sure, how sure are we after all these twists till the end?

The Cliffhanger

Talia is on the run, and Bruce couldn’t take out the whole Court with him. With these kept on the notes, it is pretty obvious that both the Court and the last of the Ghul’s will return to sit on the throne of Gotham. And with this, we have to wonder if the Devs will release a DLC or a plain sequel.

But as an old saying goes, not everything ends until it is finished; we have come across a secret ending in Gotham Knights.

The Secret Ending of Gotham Knights

After the Climax part, you have now unlocked the Post-game contents. Soon, you will be able to interact with the environment. Now, head to the Base in Belfry. On the left of the entrance, you will find a portrait of the Gotham Knights posing with the Dark Knight. Interact with the portrait, and a flashback will start shortly.

In the flashback, we will see several events that eventually come to the ending, with the Knights calling Bruce for the family dinner in Gotham Knights. A sudden heart-warming moment is what you need after a long-haul day.

And with the secret ending, that is all I had in my bag for Gotham Knights. Cheers!

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