God of War: Ragnarok – Where To Find Lunda’s Lost Armor Pieces

Keep reading to find out where to find all of Lunda’s Lost Armor Pieces in God of War: Ragnarok.

God of War: Ragnarok offers much more than a good story. Being an action-adventure game jam-packed with RPG elements, Ragnarok provides a wide range of side quests, skill trees, armor, weapons, and upgrades.

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Lunda’s Armor set is one such addition in God of War: Ragnarok that can be unlocked as part of The Mysterious Orb side quest or Favor. However, instead of being rewarded the whole set upon completion, players must find broken pieces of the armor set while doing the side quest.

God of War: Ragnarok - Where To Find Lunda’s Lost Armor Pieces
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The Lunda’s Armor set is designed to not only inflict Poison damage on enemies but also increase the damage dealt to poisoned foes. To clarify, attacking enemies with your barehanded fists will poison enemies when you have the armor set equipped.

Moreover, you can deal an additional 40% melee damage to poisoned foes by just having the bracer and belt equipped. Once you have all the broken armor pieces, Kratos can restore them and wield them to get maximum support in battle, making it one of the best armor sets in God of War: Ragnarok.

Where To Find Lunda’s Lost Armor Pieces in God of War: Ragnarok

Where To Find Lunda’s Lost Armor Pieces in God of War: Ragnarok
Credit: Santa Monica Studio

To initiate the search for Lunda’s lost armor pieces, you must first speak to Lunda at Freyr’s Camp in Vanaheim. She is a dwarf wearing a horn-like head accessory. The “Lunda’s Lost Armor” Labor will initiate as part of Lunda’s “The Mysterious OrbFavor.

There are three lost armor pieces that you must find to complete Lunda’s Armor set. They are Lunda’s Lost Curiass, Lunda’s Lost Bracers, and Lunda’s Lost Belt.

The armor pieces are scattered around River Delta and can be found inside coffins. However, some armor pieces are easier to miss than others. That’s why we have marked all of Lunda’s lost armor piece locations below:

Lunda’s Lost Curiass Location

Lunda’s Lost Curiass is located in a hidden chamber in Noatun’s Garden, which is south of Freyr’s Camp. You need to break the hidden wall that’s right between the two statues, and then open the stone gate to find the coffin containing the armor piece.

Lunda’s Lost Bracers Location

You can find Lunda’s Lost Bracers in The Veiled Passage, which is east of Cliffside Ruins and southwest of Freyr’s camp. Thankfully, the Lost Bracers armor piece is not too far from where you dock your boat. However, it is in the back area, so it can be easy to miss. The armor piece is stashed in a coffin towards the left of the hanging corpses.

Lunda’s Lost Belt Location

You’ll find Lunda’s Lost Belt in Cliffside Ruins, which is south of River Delta, and southwest of the blacksmith shop in Freyr’s Camp. You’ll encounter this armor piece location when solving an area puzzle. Lunda’s Lost Belt can be found inside a coffin right before crossing the bridge, so you can’t miss it.

Once you have all the lost armor pieces, take them to Lunda and have her restore them back to their former glory for you.

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