Frenzy will get a price increase in VALORANT patch 2.03, confirmed by a dev

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: primagames/ Riot Games

Riot is nerfing the whole run and gun meta in the game with VALORANT patch 2.03.

It all started with pro players like Sinatraa from Sentinels who pioneered the whole frenzy meta in the game. Players used to buy a frenzy with armor in the opening round and decimate their opponents in early games.

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Right now, almost all games at the professional level use frenzy in the first round. Since this gun is currently priced at around 400 credits, it allows players to also buy armor at the same time. This combination of both armor and frenzy with run and gun style has dominated VALORANT at almost all skill levels.

Following many complaints from the professional community and casual players, Riot finally decided to address the run and gun issue in the game. As a result, in previous patch 2.02, they nerfed the running accuracy in the game.

Frenzy is getting a price increase

However, that was not enough for frenzy. So, they are now going to increase the price of the frenzy from 400 to 500 credits. It means following patch 2.03, players will no longer be able to purchase frenzy alongside armor.

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In a recent stream, NickWu, a developer at Riot Games confirmed that the upcoming VALORANT patch 2.03 will target the frenzy. That should be enough to stop players from buying frenzy in the first round. Thus, it should make room for other weapons in the same price range.

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