Riot practically removed running and gunning with VALORANT patch 2.02

Ever since Riot Games launched VALORANT, the hardcore tactical shooter community were not happy with the amount of time they were run down by a player using rifles while moving at full speed.

Unlike most other FPS games, the tactical shooter genre should reward players for their patience, trigger discipline, proper use of counter strafe, etc to get an advantage over their opponents.

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However, with rifles such as the Phantom players were running at top speed and mowed down their opponents which is practically unheard of in the tactical shooter genre. The movement accuracy of the weapons in VALORANT has been a hot topic in the community.

Following many complaints, seems like Riot finally decided to nerf the movement accuracy in the game while shooting. Alongside the movement accuracy nerf, Riot also fixed the problem with the in-game weapon store that was impacting performance.

VALORANT patch note 2.02


Rifle Movement Accuracy update (Bulldog/Guardian/Phantom/Vandal)

We’ve significantly increased the amount of error that all Rifles get when moving and shooting to help combat the sensation of running kills with rifles. These changes will make kills while moving with rifles more rare, especially at longer ranges—but still possible up close. We’ll be monitoring this closely and will continue to fine-tune as necessary.

  • Running Error across rifles increased 3.75 >>> 5.0
  • Walking Error across rifles increased .8 >>> 1.1
  • Crouch-moving Error across rifles increased .3 >>> .8


  • Added a rate limiter to the in-game weapon store to keep players from spamming purchases in quick succession, which caused a potential performance issue
    • The rate limiting is lenient in most modes, but more strict in deathmatch.

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