Everything we know about VALORANT patch 2.03: major Viper changes, initiator and duelist synergy, & more

The next VALORANT patch 2.03 is almost upon us and this is what we know about all the potential agent and weapon changes that might come with the new update.

The first obvious change that we might get is a subtle tweak to controller agents like Viper. Riot has already hinted that the next agent will be a controller. In the last agent launch, Riot assured everyone that it will be a while before they introduce a new duelist to the mix.

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Episode 2 already introduced massive changes to the controller meta in the game. Agents like Brimstone received huge buffs while Omen got the short end of the stick. In the state of agents blog that was published back last year, Riot claimed that in Episode 2 they will make core changes to the agent meta.

Duelist changes

As far as we know based upon recent rumors, duelist might be getting some changes within patch 2.03. It feels like with each new update, Riot is tweaking the overall effectiveness of agents like Jett and other duelists to make room for more controllers and initiators in the current meta.

Viper changes

Furthermore, Riot dev has openly admitted that Viper is the next one in line to get an overhaul. Right now, they are testing a lot of changes featuring Viper while maintaining her core identity as a high commitment and high control character.

However, these changes are not supposed to hit the servers until the next few patches because of the tournaments that are currently taking place all around the world. So, Riot doesn’t want to make major changes in midst of a tournament as that might make it unfair to some teams.

The relationship between duelists and initiators

Riot dev further claimed they are thinking of making changes to the core relationship between duelist and initiator agents.

Weapon changes

Since running accuracy got a major nerf with the previous patch 2.02, it is highly unlikely that Riot will make another core change to the weapon meta in the upcoming patch 2.03.

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