Night Market is live once again in VALORANT with some ‘Bad Luck Protection’, start and end dates

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Night Market returns once again in the VALORANT’s premium cosmetic store. Unlike last time, the offers will end within 13 days which is shorter than the previous iteration.

The main headline this time is that Riot has baked in some bad luck protection that will ensure players from getting bad offers. The night market is Riot’s answer to players’ complaints regarding the atrocious price of some of these weapon skins in VALORANT.

Night Market returns

The night market offers players six chances to get discounts on randomly selected weapon skins ranging from rare to premium tier skins. Even the discounted amount is randomized. However, some players were complaining that they got really bad offers and low discount rates last time.

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In order to address this issue, Riot has ensured that every player will get at least 2 premium weapon skin discounts if that player doesn’t own every weapon skins in the game already. On top of that, players won’t get more than two of the same weapon skin.

Night market starting and ending date

The latest edition of the night market started on 2/10/21 and will end on 2/23/21.

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Riot has already stated that they will make constant changes to the night market to make it fairer for players. The first iteration was good but it had some major issues as some players got really unlucky with their picks. As that has been slightly addresses, it will be interesting to see how players will react to the revamped night market.

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