T1 releases Brax and AZK from their active VALORANT roster

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: T1

T1 made an official announcement out of the blue that revealed they will be releasing both Brax and AZK from their pro VALORANT roster.

Brax was the first professional VALORANT player to sign a Tier-1 organization back in the closed beta phase of the game. Bogged down by his past mistakes as a part of the infamous iBuyPower CS:GO roster, Brax was competing in the b-tier CS:GO tournament as he was banned from competing in any Valve sponsored events before joining T1.

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Brax’s teammate AZK also shares similar experiences as he was also a part of the same iBuyPower roster that was permanently banned by valve following match-fixing scandals. Since both of these players were not eligible to take part in any major CS:GO tournaments, they were taking part in low tier tournaments.

All that changed when VALORANT was announced back in 2019. During the title’s closed beta phase, professional organizations were looking for ex-CS:GO players who were willing to switch to VALORANT.

Brax and AZk were the perfect candidates for that scenario since both of them were well respected in the CS:GO pro scene and the similarities between VALORANT and CS:GO meant they were a pretty safe investment from an Orgs perspective.

Brax and AZK leaves T1

After joining T1’s VALORANT roster, they had decent results initially. However, as a team, they weren’t able to produce results that were expected of them. Later today T1 made a sudden announcement in their official Twitter account that they were releasing both Brax and AZK from their active roster to pursue other options.

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Brax has thanked his previous Org T1 in a recent tweet following the announcement and claims he is excited about his future endeavors while AZK thanked T1 and didn’t mention any future plans as of writing. Both players might be picked up by other Orgs fairly soon since it is not every day you get players of their caliber to go on free agency.

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