Former QA Tester Reveals the Reasons Behind Respawn’s Failure to Fix Apex Legends

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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A former employee who allegedly worked as an EA Quality Assurance tester reveals some insights on why Respawn is having difficulties fixing Apex Legends.

Respawn Entertainment, the developer behind the popular online first-person shooter franchise Titanfall entered the battle royale market with Apex Legends, which is also set in the same universe. Respawn garnered a huge fanbase through their Titanfall franchise, and people loved both sequences.

One year after launching Titanfall 2, EA acquired Respawn for $315 billion worth of cash and equity. The following year, EA published Apex Legends and surprised everyone with its unique approach to the battle royale genre. Since then, EA has earned about $2 billion profit from Apex Legends.

The game has been a massive hit with more people joining the game each year and breaking the record for average concurrent players almost every season. However, as they are gaining new players, they are also losing countless veteran players in the process.

The game is yet to fix numerous bugs and glitches that have been in the game for a long time. Players are slowly but surely getting fed up with Respawn’s negligence of the game. But is it entirely up to Respawn to watch after the game and its players?

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Former EA QA Tester Reveals Crucial Insights

As mentioned earlier, players are tired of experiencing countless bugs, glitches, and exploits in the game. It is common for a huge game to encounter these types of issues. However, it only becomes a difficulty when the developers fail to fix the issues in a short time.

Respawn always receives huge backlashes whenever something goes wrong in Apex Legends. It always seems like Respawn fails to address the minor to major problems in the game. However, a recent comment from an alleged former EA employee uncovered some facts on why Respawn is failing.

A recent post from a Reddit user named u/Reza_SL addressed some issues regarding the upcoming #NoApexAugust strike by the fans. As usual, Respawn was taking the backlash through the post. But a specific comment from u/hironyx stood out from the rest and reached more attention than the original post.

Hironyx claims to be a former EA employee responsible for Quality Assurance testing. According to Hiro, Respawn does not always have the final say regarding the decisions made for Apex Legends. Even if Respawn feels something is wrong with the game and wants to fix it, it mainly comes down to other factors that prevent them from doing so.

The comment also mentions other major issues, such as Respawn employees’ quitting out of frustration. This actually adds up because almost 100 positions are currently vacant in Respawn Entertainment. It may indicate that they have less manpower and funds required to complete their tasks properly.

However, it is still uncertain if the information provided by the Reddit user is actually valid because there can be countless other factors responsible for these types of events. On the other hand, EA is also looking to sell or merge with other companies. So, this might have an impact on Respawn and Apex Legends in the future.

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