Everything Confirmed with VALORANT Episode 8 Act 1

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A new VALORANT Act is right around the corner. What’s new you can expect with Episode 8 Act 1 ? Let’s find out.

With the new year approaching, VALORANT is also heading for a new Episode to begin. Currently, it’s running Episode 7 Act 3, which only has a couple of weeks left on the schedule. As Riot never misses the opportunity to introduce new content with every new Act, the upcoming Episode 8 Act 1 will also not be an exception.

Episode 7 introduced two new Agents in the game, Deadlock and Iso. A new competitive map, Sunset alongside Drift, a map for Deathmatch, was also added to the pool. Alongside all of these, many major and minor agent changes, as well as game changes, kept VALORANT’s ever-changing meta on the roll.

Now, Episode 8, Act 1 is coming. Many new contents are sure to be added. In this article, we will go through every confirmed feature you are going to have with the new act.

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VALORANT Episode 8 Act 1 Confirmed Features

Like every other new act, Episode 8 Act 1 will also bring in new content. As it is the initial act of a new Episode, major changes can be expected. However, not everything is confirmed yet, as the running act still has a couple of weeks to go.

Nevertheless, we will explore every confirmed piece of content you can find in the new Act. This includes the new Battle Pass, a new weapon, an upcoming skin bundle, and Agents.

Episode 8 Act 1 Battle Pass

Episode 8 Act 1 Battle Pass
credit: riot games

A new Act, as usual, brings a new Battle Pass. As we’ve always known, VALORANT always releases a brand new premium Battle Pass every Act, along with many new skins and cosmetic items.

Some leaks of the Episode 8 Act 1 Battle Pass can already be found. We can have our first look at the upcoming Battle Pass. As always, the Battle Pass will include three skin collections, a bunch of Sprays, Playercards, and Gun Buddies.

The cost of the Battle Pass will also be the same as before- 1000 VP

A New Skin Bundle Named Kuronami 


VALORANT releases brand-new skin bundles with almost every new patch. The upcoming act shouldn’t be an exception. Recent leaks have confirmed a new skin bundle, ‘Kuronami’ for Episode 8 Act 1.

As of now, only the Vandal and melee skins from the Kuronami bundle have been revealed. The Kuronami Vandal will remind you a lot of the Reaver Vandal at first glance. However, it is possible that this is due to the purple color.

By the look of it, the Kuronami skin bundle seems to be a Premium Edition collection. If that’s the case, expect to pay 8700 VP for the whole bundle.

A New Weapon Outlaw is Coming


Battle Pass and skin bundles are routine additions for every new Act. However, a new weapon is not ! VALORANT has not added any new weapons to its arsenal since its full release. With the Episode 8 Act 1, this might happen.

Reportedly, a new weapon named Outlaw is going to be added in VALORANT at the beginning of Episode 8 Act 1. The weapon will be of a sniper class. It will sit in between the Marshal and the Operator with its damage output and cost of 2400.

There’ll be no New Agent

Credit-Riot GAMES

As we just got introduced to Iso in Episode 7 Act 3, it is highly unlikely that the new act will also see another new Agent. Some hints from Battlepass are pointing to a leak of an upcoming Agent. However, nothing is confirmed. Nevertheless, don’t expect a new agent right at the beginning of Episode 8, Act 1. It may come with Act 2 or later.

VALORANT Episode 8 Act 1 Realease Date

The new VALORANT Act will be here alongside the new year. To be precise, Episode 8 Act 1 will commence on January 10, 2024.

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