VALORANT Skin Prices Guide for Bundles, Night Market, Battle Pass & More

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VALORANT offers a variety of colorful skins for every weapon. The prices for these skins also vary from skin to skin. Here is an overview of every VALORANT skin’s price.

VALORANT is a colorful game. All Agents in the game are featured in distinctive colors. Along with that, Riot has also introduced colorful skins for the weapons to make the game much more vivid and lively.

Skins are in-game cosmetics you can equip for a unique look on your favorite weapons. While equipping skins does not give you any advantage, they do help you stand out from the crowd. Some of them are just colorful alternatives, whereas others include animations, VFX, and finishers. Although VALORANT is free to play, these weapon skins are not.

VALORANT skins can be categorized in different ways. Each of them costs differently based on their features—some you can buy from stores upon availability, while others are exclusive to limited-time events. Many players might struggle to grasp the variance in prices for skins from different categories.

Therefore, this article will work as a guide to understanding every VALORANT skin’s categories and price points.

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How to Get Skins in VALORANT?

There are multiple ways to get weapon skins in VALORANT. Some of them would require purchases with VPs, while others can be acquired for free.

  • In-game store purchase: You can buy skins from in-game stores using Valorant Points (VP). VALORANT features an in-game store, while skins appear 24 hours a day. These skins rotate over time. The latest featured skin bundle also appears in the store. However, the rotations of the skins are randomized. You cannot just buy a specific skin until it appears in your store.
  • Night Market: Every act VALORANT offers players some chosen skins to buy for discounted VPs. However, Night Market skins are also randomly chosen. Additionally, only a selective rarity of skins appears.
  • Battle Pass Skins: VALORANT brings in new Battle Passes in every Act. Battle passes feature multiple tiers with exclusive items and skins as rewards. Players who buy Battle Passes can acquire these skins upon completing tier levels.

Free Skins

  • Agent Contracts: Every Agent in VALORANT features their own tier from 1-10. Each tier requires a specific amount of XP. Players can earn XP just by completing daily and weekly missions as well as playing different game modes. Upon completing tier 10 for any Agent, players will get a free weapon skin.
  • Free Battle Pass Reward: At the end of every Battle pass, players will get a skin. This is a free reward and doesn’t require you to buy the Battle Pass by spending 1000 VP.

VALORANT Skin Prices

Here is the VALORANT skin price guide for every category.

Bundle Prices


Skins in VALORANT are categorized into different tiers, each with a distinct price point. In total, there are five different tiers of skins in VALORANT – Select Edition, Deluxe Edition, Premium Edition, Ultra Edition, and Exclusive Edition. Each category has different icons to identify.

Note that the prices may vary in a range even for the same tier.

NameIndividual skin PriceMelee PriceBundle Price
Select Edition875 VP1750 VP2930 VP – 3500 VP
Deluxe Edition1275 VP2550 VP – 3550 VP4270 VP – 5616 VP
Premium Edition1775 VP3550 VP – 5350 VP6127 VP – 8855 VP
Ultra Edition2175 VP- 2975 VP4350 VP – 5950 VP9900 VP – 11900 VP
Exclusive Edition VariesVariesVaries

Night Market Prices

Night Market Prices

Night Market works as a periodic store expansion to buy skins in VALORANT. It appears in every act for a 20-day time period. Players get an offer to buy six different skins at 10%- 49% discounted costs. However, the skins that appear, as well as the discount on them, are chosen randomly.

Only the skins from Select Edition, Deluxe Edition, and Premium Edition appear on Night Market.

Event Exclusive Skins Prices

Aside from the normal bundles, Riot releases special skin bundles to celebrate major events. These bundles do not follow the usual ones. Skins included in these bundles appear on the store for a limited time and can not be bought after the event is over.

Cost of these one-time-limited bundles are as follows:

  • Champions 2021 Bundle: 6263 VP
  • Champions 2022 Bundle: 6167 VP
  • Champions 2023 Bundle: 6167 VP
  • Arcane Bundle: 2377 VP
  • VCT LOCK//IN Bundle: 5440 VP
  • Ignite Bundle: 4710 VP

Battle Pass Skins Prices

Every Act VALORANT launches a new battle pass. The battle pass rewards include weapon skins as well as other items.

Each Battle Pass includes access to three new collections of weapon skins, two of which will be Select Edition and one of which will be Deluxe Edition. The Tier 50 reward will always be a knife skin.

The Battle Pass costs 1100 VP. Buying the Battle Pass will allow players access to premium rewards, including skins. Players need to complete tier levels by gaining XP in-game.

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VALORANT features a lot of skins and consistently adding more. Although the alluring temptation of these colorful skins is hard to resist, the price tags range from lower to even higher costs. It often becomes confusing for players to keep track of each of them. So, following this guide will help players find skins according to their budget and needs.

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