VALORANT New Weapon ‘Outlaw’: Every Thing We Know

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VALORANT might introduce a brand new weapon in its arsenal. Here are all the details about the upcoming weapon.

VALORANT is a hero-based first-person shooter. Agents in different roles and their distinctive abilities are what make the game unique in its own genre. However, the core fundamental relies heavily on the shooting part. So, VALORANT offers a versatile arsenal featuring weapons of different categories.

With its full release in 2020, VALORANT allows players to use as many as 17 different weapons, divided into 6 classes. Although Riot Games has been pretty consistent with their updates, and hence adding new agents to the game, they never intended to add any new weapon to the list till now. But after three years of release, Riot might add a completely new weapon, at least, that is what a recent leak is suggesting.

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How Many Weapons are Currently Available in VALORANT?

How Many Weapons Currently in VALORANT?

Currently, VALORANT has a total of 17 weapons in its arsenal. Among them, 5 Sidearms, 2 SMGs, 5 Rifles, 2 Heavies, and 2 are from the Sniper class.

VALORANT New Weapon Outlaw

A recent leak from a reputable source is suggesting that VALORANT might add a new weapon to the game. The new weapon is named ‘Outlaw’. According to data miner ValorLeaks’, post on Twitter the new weapon is a sniper.

The image is taken from a test server in China via a Bilibili stream.

Where Does Outlaw Sits in the Arsenal


The picture posted also revealed the cost of the weapon- 2400. This places the new scoped weapon in between the Marshal, which costs 950, and the mighty Operator, which costs 4700.

Right now, the Marshal is capable of killing enemies with a full shield with two body shots, while the Operator can do it with a single one. Although detailed information on the new leaked weapon has not been revealed, its damage number is expected to sit between the existing snipers.

When will Outlaw Release?

The release of Outlaw has not been confirmed by Riot Games officially. Therefore, the release date is still uncertain.

One of the fun parts of playing VALORANT is experiencing the versatility of its huge arsenal. Although not yet confirmed, the release of a new gun will surely bring some interesting changes in the game meta and economy.

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