Dignitas dropped their male VALORANT roster

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Dignitas

Dignitas has decided to part ways with their male VALORANT roster consisting of Pslam, Dephh, Rara, Ryann, and Makka.

Following the announcement of their full female VALORANT roster, Dignitas became one of the few big NA organizations to host two different pro rosters. Since Dignitas’s performance was subpar, they made the decision to support only their female roster from now on.

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However, they are still adamant that they are not going away from VALORANT altogether. Instead, they intend to make new initiatives in the near future. But for now, as an organization, they have made the difficult decision to drop one of their rosters.

What’s the future of Dignitas looks like?

As for now, they will only focus on their female roster. In the official statement, Dignitas claims they still love the games and the fanbase surrounding the game. Due to unfortunate events, they had to make the tough decision to drop their whole male roster.

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On top of that, the roster didn’t take home any big winning since their inception back in 2020. This may have forced them to rethink their position in the VALORANT’s competitive scene. Also, they are currently in the process of finding their old roster a new home.

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