The VALORANT community is reportedly facing issues with the updated Career tab

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

With the release of Patch 2.05, Riot introduced an updated career system where players were given the ability to check match history by sorting them according to the game modes. However, recent reports from the VALORANT community indicate the presence of an issue with the Career Tab. 

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In order to improve in any competitive title, reviewing past matches is crucial. VALORANT offers no exception from this standard. Riot implemented a very in-depth match summary system for VALORANT.

Patch 2.05 came with its fair share of bugs. The particular bug that arose through this update made this change futile. Due to the issues with the recent matches tab, the hassle of finding matches has increased instead of the intended deduction.

According to Redditor coryintheUFO, recent matches are not showing up on the career tab. As described in the post, the recent matches don’t work as intended; instead, players are forced to select another sub-category first. Afterward, moving back to “ALL MODES” fixes the issue. Additionally, the audio is reported to be buggy as well.

This causes inconvenience to the players trying to improve their skills in the game through reviewing their past performances. Many players try out different agents in order to adapt to different playstyles & meta. Being unable to easily access the match history does pose a great hindrance to this process. 

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The exact cause behind this problem has not been identified yet. Nonetheless, investigating and resolving this matter should be on RIOT’s priority list. With VALORANT’s Patch 2.06 right around the corner, developers need to come up with an effective solution. 

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