Dev responses to all the hate regarding Kings Canyon in Apex Legends ranked mode

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Ever since Respawn released the World’s Edge map back in season 3 of Apex Legends, the pro community unanimously agreed that the new map was far better in terms of competitive integrity.

For the most part, pro players agreed Kings Canyon is a fun map to play on public matchmaking. However, when it comes to competitive matchmaking, the Kings Canyon map is very inconsistent in the new run and gun meta. Previously, one of the pro players even started a petition to remove Kings Canyon from all the GLL tournaments.

The previous Wraith, Pathfinder, and Watson meta was ok for Kings Canyon but the new meta just makes the game really hard to watch according to some pro players and content creators. Even Diego who is a pretty big content creator in the Apex Legends community believes that ranked Kings Canyon is very boring to watch.

Kings Canyon Apex removed
Image via Respawn

Dev address Kings Canyon:

Josh Medina who is a producer at Respawn Entertainment assured everyone that they already know the issue surrounding Kings Canyon in the ranked mode. Furthermore, he also added that it will be addressed fairly soon.

Even though Josh didn’t mention exactly how Respawn plans to address the issue regarding Kings Canyon, most of the pro players want Kings Canyon to be removed from the ranked map pool altogether. And that also includes all the future tournaments in order to create a more even playing field.

The general consensus among the Apex community is that Respawn might remove Kings Canyon from the competitive map pool. As a result, it should help the overall gameplay experience for professional Apex Legends players. Now Apex fans will have to wait and see exactly how Respawn handles the issue with Kings Canyon.

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