Pro Apex Legends player created a petition to remove Kings Canyon from GLL tournaments

Pro player calls for Kings Canyon to be removed from GLL

Professional Apex Legends player Peyton “peesh” Schutz who is currently signed with Sentinels as a part of their active Apex roster just made a petition to remove Kings Canyon from GLL tournaments.

Apex Legends launched with Kings Canyon as their only playable map back in 2019. And Respawn added competitive ranked mode with the launch of season 2 of Apex Legends. From the very start, pro players were complaining about how this map is not meant to be played competitively. Although most agreed that playing unrated causal matches is really fun on Kings Canyon.

Apex Legends Kings Canyon
Image via Respawn

In season 3, Respawn finally added World’s Edge to Apex Legends. As it turns out, it was a much better map for competitions. Almost all of the professional players in the Apex scene unanimously agreed that World’s edge is much better than Kings Canyon for playing competitively.

Player made a petition to ban Kings Canyon from GLL tournaments:

According to the petition, Kings Canyon would stay as it is right now in public matches and ranked mode. However, the petition is mainly asking GLL to remove the Kings Canyon map from their official tournaments to keep the game more competitive.

The omission of Kings Canyon from future GLL tournaments would make the game more competitive. Although there are some outliers who do not agree with this statement.

I know I’m in the minority here, but I like KC for comp. what I don’t like is how they’re randomly putting it into the map rotation with barely a week to practice.


A pro player like TSM_Albralelie thinks that Kings Canyon is actually good for competition. However, the random rotation has made it difficult for them to get enough practice. One thing almost all the pros agreed that Kings Canyon has a lot of open spaces which is bad for safe rotations around the map. Therefore some pro players are saying it needs to be removed from only GLL tournaments to create a more healthy competitive environment.

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