Apex Legends writer confirms more “Gas Daddy” content featuring Caustic is coming in the future

More gas daddy content is confirmed

Crypto and Caustic had quite a big clash back in season 5 of Apex Legends when Respawn first introduced the broken ghost quest.

The Broken Ghost quest was essentially Respawn’s first attempt into introducing a single-player experience in a free-to-play battle royale game. For the most part, it was a huge success for Respawn.

In the quest storyline, Caustic literally framed Crypto to be the mole when in reality Caustic was the real mole all along. Following that Watson and Crypto had a bit of a fallout. Back in season 5, one of the writers at Respawn even gave some hints that Caustic and Crypto are going to clash in the upcoming seasons.

A writer at Respawn confirms Crypto and Caustic will clash in the upcoming  seasons of Apex Legends
Image via Respawn

Crypto vs Caustic storyline:

Basically, what is happening in the current season is actually just the start. More story bits featuring Caustic aka “Gas Daddy“, Crypto and Watson will be making their way into the game fairly soon.

Furthermore, Tom Casiello who is a writer at Respawn also confirms that there are actually lots more to uncover as we head into the new year. Therefore, expect more drama in the upcoming season 7 of Apex Legends.

Introducing a separate storyline alongside the seasonal content has been a pretty smart move from Respawn. It added an extra layer of depth to each and every character in the game. And so far the devs at Respawn are actually doing a phenomenal job.

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