Crypto’s heirloom has been leaked in Apex Legends

A recent leak from a pretty reliable data miner in the Apex Legends’ data mining community suggests Crypto might be next in line to receive an heirloom.

Heirlooms are basically the highest tier of cosmetic items in Apex Legends. The overall theme of the heirloom is heavily inspired by each individual character in the game. From Wraith’s Kunai to Mirage’s heirloom which is basically a botched statue of himself, all of them reflect the personality traits of these legends.

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Fans of this battle royale always get ecstatic to figure out what could be the next heirloom. Since all of the first batches of legends that were released at the launch of Apex Legends have already received their heirloom, it is time for other legends to also get the same treatment.

katana for Crypto

According to a data miner, Crypto might be getting the next heirloom. However, there is still not an image or a render of the alleged heirloom. The leaker describes this heirloom as a small variation of the Katana sword.

small katana
Image via u/cordialsavage

If the leaks are to be believed then Crypto might receive something along the line of a miniature version of the big katana sword that we all have come to love from old Japanese Samurai movies.

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However, take all of this leaked information with a grain of salt since Respawn has not made any official announcement regarding the next heirloom, as of writing. Also, the overall theme of the heirloom can still change similar to how Respawn allegedly changed Bangalore’s heirloom from a tonfa to a dagger.

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