Apex Legends Player Accidentally Loses 6 Heirlooms And Other Cosmetic Items Worth Around $2k

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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A player on the Xbox platform accidentally lost around $2000 worth of cosmetic goods in Apex Legends due to accidentally unlinking his account.

As Apex Legends still doesn’t support cross-progression, players from another platform simply can’t migrate all of their in-game items, like Heirlooms, skins, and other goodies, to the platform of their choice. According to Respawn, cross-progression is on their mind, but there is still no clear release window for this feature.

The main reason behind their reluctance to add cross-progression is mainly due to the complexity of the entire system. Since Apex Legends has millions of accounts worldwide, merging some of them together could introduce unforeseen bugs. Also, there is always a massive risk of players losing their in-game progression.

Something similar along the line happened to this really unfortunate soul. One Xbox user interacted with a security prompt to make his account more secure. However, in the process of making his account more secure, he accidentally unlinked his account and created another in its stead.

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Six Heirlooms Gone

The game client then thought this might be a new account and removed almost all of his in-game cosmetic items, including 6 Heirlooms. In total, he spent around $2000 on his account.

Even though he reached out to EA support, there is very little they could do since their terms and conditions say unlinking your account will cause you to lose all of your in-game progression. This individual also reached out to EA advisers for help, and there is still no certainty of them being able to help due to the fact that this game still doesn’t have cross-progression.

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This story reminds players to be really careful while they log into Apex Legends on their console, as tinkering with their account willy-nilly might cause players to lose all of their progression in the blink of an eye.

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