The Mirage Edition Skin Bundle: Volt Skin, Exclusive Gun Charm, and More

Mirage is finally getting the exclusive “Character Edition” skin in Apex Legends, a pretty reliable data miner confirms.

The Mirage Edition skin bundle will feature an exclusive space cowboy-themed Mirage skin aptly named “The Show Stopper”. Additionally, players are also going to receive an exclusive VOLT SMG skin and a cowboy-themed gun charm.

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If you ever wanted to see Mirage as a space cowboy, your wish has finally been granted. Even though this is not the first time Mirage received a cowboy-themed skin, this is by far the coolest looking one. This one appears to have more of a sci-fi look rather than the basic-looking cowboy-themed Mirage skin.

The Show Stopper Mirage skin

“The Mantlepiece” VOLT and “Boots n’ All” gun charm

As with every other legend edition skin bundle, Respawn decided to add additional weapon skin like the VOLT SMG and also included a gun charm that totally goes with the over-the-top theme of this whole skin bundle.

Mirage is a man of style and this bundle definitely reflects his over-the-top personality. Mirage players are surely in for a treat with this skin bundle. The exact release date of this bundle has not been officially revealed, as of writing.

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We’ll update this article with more relevant information regarding the release date of this bundle as soon as new information is revealed.

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