Apex Legends’ streamer ShivFPS tricks a hacker into falling out of the map

Hackers are basically nightmares for pro Apex Legends streamers since they are the prime victim of stream sniping.

So, what do you do if you get annihilated by a hacker in a ranked match, and then the same hacker gets matched with you in the subsequent ranked match. Well, if you are ShivFPS then you trick this fella into getting in your Trident and then throw that cheater out of the map.

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ShivFPS made a name for himself in the Apex Legends community thanks to his over-the-top personality. Currently, he is racking in massive viewership on Twitch every day. Turns out, when you make it big into the world of streaming, hackers love to stream snipe you and troll you out of your sanity.

Justice Served!

Furthermore, ShivFPS is an expressive individual and loves to lash out at stream snipers on a regular basis. He also loves to troll hackers and exploiters at any chance he gets. In a recent stream, when he was getting targeted by a blatant cheater he took it upon himself to enact some justice.

Coincidentally, the same hacker got partied with him in the following match. Therefore, ShivFPS decided it was time for some fun and told the hacker to get into his trident. As soon as the hacker entered his trident he simply drove this cheater off the map and still somehow managed to get out of the vehicle in time.

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Cheating in an online FPS game like Apex Legends always ruins the competitive integrity of the ranked game mode. Somehow these cheaters always find a workaround no matter how robust the anti-cheat detection system is. While these cheaters get swept in regular ban waves, driving them out of the map is also another way to keep the ranked experience fun for others.

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