Cinematics Will Be Lore Specific Moving Forward In League of Legends

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

All League of Legends cinematics moving forward will be canon.

When it comes to lore, League of Legends is pretty convoluted. The game’s massive lore is spread across countless short stories, novels, and even Champion bios. Furthermore, lore material regarding the world of Runeterra can even be found in Riots’ other IPs, including Legend of Runeterra, Ruined King, and Riot Forge’s most recent project, Song of Nunu.

Unless you are invested in all of Riot’s work or follow lore-related channels such as Necrit, it’s pretty hard to keep track of it. As a result, Riot has recently announced that they would be streamlining the lore, making it easier for its audience to follow.

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Lore Specific Cinematics

Riot Games released their latest League of Legends Dev Update video not too long ago. In it, Riot revealed additional details about the future Champions, Game Modes, Language Selection, and more. They also revealed major revisions to the League of Legends lore.

For the majority of League of Legends’ existence, the primary mode of narrative was through short stories. But Riot has since branched out its storytelling method and now delivers its lore via their other IPs, cinematics, and other forms of media. This expansion has led to a lot of inconsistencies in the game’s lore.

As a result, Riot has declared that moving forward, they will streamline the lore. As a method of streamlining the lore, Riot has decided to make lore-related content like Arcane canon. Also, any future content lore-related released by Riot will be canon.

Finally, Riot has mentioned that any League of Legends cinematics going forward will be canon. So expect a lore-specific cinematic for Season 14.

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