Chamber Might Get Back in the Meta as he Gets Major Buffs in 8.03 Patch

Mahir Faisal
By Mahir Faisal
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Upcoming VALORANT changes might bring back Chamber into the competitive meta.

VALORANT is a popular hero-based competitive FPS shooter. Here, agents are divided into four categories, each carrying an individual role. Among them, the Sentinels are mainly known for their defensive capabilities. However, there was one agent who changed the concept of sentinel agents.

Chamber was first added into VALORANT with Episode 3 Act 3. Even though he belongs to Sentinels, his abilities are more offense-based rather than defense. Soon, the French weapons designer had become a meta pick, both in the ranked and pro scene.

Chamber’s pick rate was so dominant that Riot had to come up with a major Nerf to change the meta and keep other sentinel agents viable. The Nerfs were so deadly that Chamber meta almost ended. Since then, the VALORANT community has eagerly been waiting for the scene to change for their favorite agent. Finally, Riot is coming up with some major Chamber buffs.

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Chamber Receiving major Buffs in Patch 8.03


Currently, VALORANT patch 8.03 is being tested on the PBE servers. According to the PBE patch note, Chamber is seeing some changes in his abilities. The main changes are coming to both of his gun abilities – Headhunter and Tour De Force.

  • The price of the Headhunter has decreased from 150 to 100. This will help you to buy Headhunter’s bullets without going rough on the economy.
  • Chamber’s ultimate Tour De Force is getting a speed boost. The sniper’s fire rate has now increased from 0.7 to 0.9. This makes the gun 30 percent faster than it is now.

Will Chamber be Meta Again?

With all of these coming changes, the chances of the Chamber’s pick rate rising again are enhanced. These alterations will surely impact the Chamber’s ongoing playstyle. Even though the numbers are still less than the time when Chamber was a reckoning force, these are still effective buffs. So, the possibility of Chamber to come back to the meta again is surely high.

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