VALORANT Releasing a Limited Capsule Bundle to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Mahir Faisal
By Mahir Faisal
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A limited-edition Valentine’s Day bundle featuring gun buddies and player cards will be released in VALORANT.

VALORANT generally releases skin bundles with every new patch. Apart from the usual bundles, they often commemorate various events with dedicated items. Like the recent Xerofang bundles released to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year. However, that’s not it for the month of February. This is also the month of love. So, VALORANT is not missing upon Valentine’s Day either.

VALORANT is reportedly to release a Valentine’s Day special bundle in the game. However, the bundle will contain cosmetic items rather than skins. Here is every detail about VALORANT’s Valentine’s Day special capsule bundle.

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Duo’s Day-A Limited Time Capsule Bundle Dedicating Valentine’s Day

A recent leak from Valorant Updates has informed us about the upcoming limited-time bundle in VALORANT. The bundle will be released to celebrate Valentine’s Day. As per the leaks, it will be a capsule bundle including cosmetic items like player cards, gun buddies, spray, and a title. The capsule is named Duo’s Day.

Price of the Duo’s Day Bundle

The Duo’s Day bundle will not be free like the previous event’s special battle passes. It will be a buyable item from the store. The price of the entire bundle will be 1650 VP.

The individual item’s price will be as follows:

  • Duo’s Day Buddy: 285 VP
  • Duo’s Day Game Night Card: 225 VP
  • Duo’s Day Left Card: 225 VP
  • Duo’s Day Game Right Card: 225 VP
  • Duo Title: 100 VP
  • </3 Title: 100 VP
  • <3 Title: 100 VP
  • Duo’s Day Left Spray: 195 VP
  • Duo’s Day Right Spray: 195 VP

Release Date of the Duo’s Day Bundle

Duo’s Day bundle is exclusive for Valentine’s Day, So expect it to be released on that particular date, which is February 14, 2024.

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