100+ Best VALORANT Names (2023)

If you’re looking for unique names for your VALORANT gamer tag, you’ve come to the right place. This article will suggest 100+ best in-game names that you can use to stand out from the crowd in 2023.

Riot Games entered the FPS genre with the launch of VALORANT. It is a 5v5 tactical shooter Agents’ abilities meet the precise gunplay. The game is heavily inspired by CS: GO’s FPS mechanics and Overwatch’s hero-shooter aspects.

More than 20 million average players play VALORANT each month, and more players are joining the game regularly. Therefore, if you are one of those players who are interested in trying VALORANT for the first time but are unsure of a good name, this article is for you.

A good in-game name or gamer tag can differentiate you from other players. So, we’ve compiled a list of 100+ VALORANT names to help you choose a good in-game name. We’ll also list some anime and fictional characters’ names that you can use that match your personality.

The purpose of suggesting these names is not so you immediately imitate them but rather to get creative and come up with a name that will stay with you forever. Simply reading through these names will provide you with many original possibilities for your VALORANT in-game nickname.

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This article will list 100+ VALORANT names for you. The lists will include anime characters, marvel and DC characters, popular video game characters, and more.

Anime Character Names

You can choose any of your favorite anime characters even if they are not included in this list.

  1. Goku.
  2. Vegeta.
  3. Saitama.
  4. Naruto.
  5. Itachi.
  6. Madara.
  7. Kaneki.
  8. ErenYeager.
  9. KoroSensei.
  10. Tanjiro.
  11. Ryuk.
  12. Zenitsu.
  13. Nezuko.
  14. Kuroko.
  15. Hinata.
  16. Kageyama.
  17. Escanor.
  18. Baki.
  19. Luffy.
  20. Midoriya.
  21. Beerus.
  22. Gojou.
  23. Hisoka.
  24. Killua.
  25. Ichigo.

Marvel and DC Character Names

Everyone loves Marvel and DC characters. There must be someone who you like or admire from the list.

  1. IronMan.
  2. Thanos.
  3. Thor.
  4. Galactus.
  5. Magneto.
  6. SpiderMan.
  7. Wolverine.
  8. Dr.Strange.
  9. BlackPanther.
  10. Hawkeye.
  11. Jarvis.
  12. Dormammu.
  13. Beyonder.
  14. Punisher.
  15. Phoenix.
  16. Superman.
  17. Batman.
  18. Joker.
  19. BlackAdam.
  20. Darkseid.
  21. Aquaman.
  22. Flash.
  23. Shazam.
  24. Deathstroke.
  25. PoisonIvy.

Video Game Characters

You are playing VALORANT. So, you must love video games, right? So why not choose a video game character that you absolutely love?

  1. Mario.
  2. Luigi.
  3. Raiden.
  4. Kratos.
  5. Sonic.
  6. Pikachu.
  7. Ryu.
  8. Scorpion.
  9. Dante.
  10. Virgil.
  11. Nero.
  12. CrashBandicoot.
  13. Soap.
  14. Price.
  15. Ghost.
  16. LaraCroft.
  17. MaxPayne.
  18. SamFisher.
  19. Ezio.
  20. Leon.
  21. Rayman.
  22. Agent47.
  23. Geralt.
  24. NathanDrake.
  25. Death.

Pro Player and Content Creator Names

There are many pro VALORANT players and content creators who inspire thousands of people to play like them. Here’s a list of some of the best players that you can use.

  1. Tenz.
  2. Tarik.
  3. Shroud.
  4. Sinatraa.
  5. ShahZam.
  6. Subroza.
  7. Aceu.
  8. iiTzTimmy.
  9. Kyedae.
  10. Yay.
  11. Jinggg.
  12. ScreaM.
  13. Derke.
  14. Zyppan.
  15. Asuna.
  16. FNS.
  17. nAts.
  18. Boaster.
  19. SicK.
  20. HiKo.
  21. Stewie2k.
  22. Zellsis.
  23. PROD.
  24. WARDELL.
  25. f0rsakeN.

Funny VALORANT Names

Funny VALORANT names will make your friends and enemies smile.

  1. ReviveMeJett.
  2. SageWaifu.
  3. S1MP.
  4. YouRazeMeUp.
  5. NoName.
  6. CantCarryAnymore.
  7. AlwaysBottom.
  8. Smurfing.
  9. HereComesTheParty.
  10. IAmAMountain.
  11. IAmDiff.
  12. IAmNoob.
  13. EcoFragger.
  14. NoMic.
  15. LegendFart.
  16. DontFlash.
  17. PlantTheSpike.
  18. InstaLockJett.
  19. OkBoomer.
  20. Radiant.
  21. Bronze.
  22. TBagEnjoyer.
  23. NerfBucky.
  24. BuffOperator.
  25. BanFracture.

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There you go! These are some of the popular names you can use to start your VALORANT journey in 2023. You can pick any name from here or anywhere. You can also take ideas by going through these lists and making your own gamer tag that will stay with you forever.

Also, Riot Games gives you the option to change your VALORANT name once a month. So, if you don’t like the name you selected for yourself, you can change that anytime you want.

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