Best Skins Players Can Get from Current VALORANT Night Market

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Night Market is a nice way to find your favorite VALORANT skins for a discount. Here are the best skins you can expect from the current Night Market.

VALORANT Night Market is one of the most anticipated events in each Act. It offers players the chance to get their favorite weapon skins for a much lower price than usual. Every player gets offered six randomized skins for a certain discount. Sure, you can be lucky enough to get your favorite skin from a specific set of skins; however, not all of them.

Nigh Market only offers skins in three tiers – Select Edition, Deluxe Edition, and Premium Edition. Only the skins that are priced less than 1775 VP. Additionally, Premium Edition melees that cost more than 3550 VP are also off the list. Your selection cannot be changed, won’t include skins you already own, and will disappear after two weeks.

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All Current Valorant Night Market Skins

Now that you know, not all kinds of skins are included on VALORANT Night Market. So, what rarity of skin can you actually expect? Here is a list of all the available skin collections that may appear in your Night Market. Bundles that are not included in this list will never appear on the Night Market due to their rarity and higher prices.

This list is updated till Episode 8, Act 1

Bundle NameRealeased PatchRarity
OrionEpisode 7, Act 2Deluxe Edition
IntergradeEpisode 7, Act 2Select Edition
DaydreamsEpisode 7, Act 1Select Edition
Magepunk 3.0Episode 6, Act 3Premium Edition
NO LIMITSEpisode 6, Act 3Deluxe Edition
Black.MarketEpisode 6, Act 2Premium Edition
Oni 2.0Episode 6, Act 2Premium Edition
AltitudeEpisode 6, Act 2Deluxe Edition
AraxysEpisode 6, Act 1Premium Edition
ReverieEpisode 6, Act 1Select Edition
LunaEpisode 6, Act 1Deluxe Edition
Ion Ep 5Episode 6, Act 3Premium Edition
SoulstrifeEpisode 5, Act 3Premium Edition
AbyssalEpisode 5, Act 3Deluxe Edition
CryostasisEpisode 5, Act 3Premium Edition
Kohaku and MatsubaEpisode 5, Act 2Deluxe Edition
CrimsonbeastEpisode 5, Act 2Premium Edition
SarmadEpisode 5, Act 1Deluxe Edition
Reaver 2.0Episode 5, Act 1Premium Edition
Prelude to ChaosEpisode 5, Act 1Premium Edition
XenohunterEpisode 4, Act 3Premium Edition
NeptuneEpisode 4, Act 3Premium Edition
TitanmailEpisode 4, Act 3Deluxe Edition
Doodle BudsEpisode 4, Act 2Premium Edition
EndeavorEpisode 4, Act 2 Select Edition
Team AceEpisode 4, Act 2Deluxe Edition
Gaia’s VengeanceEpisode 4, Act 2Premium Edition
UndercityEpisode 4, Act 1Premium Edition
TigrisEpisode 4, Act 1Deluxe Edition
SnowfallEpisode 3, Act 3Deluxe Edition
Magepunk 2.0Episode 3, Act 3Premium Edition
Radiant Crisis 001Episode 3, Act 3Premium Edition
Nunca OlvidadosEpisode 3, Act 2Deluxe Edition
Valorant Go! Vol. 2Episode 3, Act 2Premium Edition
ReconEpisode 3, Act 1Premium Edition
OriginEpisode 2, Act 3Premium Edition
Tethered RealmsEpisode 2, Act 3Premium Edition
MinimaEpisode 2, Act 3Deluxe Edition
ForsakenEpisode 2, Act 3Premium Edition
SilvanusEpisode 2, Act 2Deluxe Edition
MagepunkEpisode 2, Act 2Premium Edition
InfantryEpisode 2, Act 2 Select Edition
Prime 2.0Episode 2, Act 2Premium Edition
Valorant Go! Vol. 1Episode 2, Act 2Premium Edition
CelestialEpisode 2, Act 1Premium Edition
HorizonEpisode 2, Act 1Deluxe Edition
Prism IIEpisode 2, Act 1Select Edition
WinterwunderlandEpisode 1, Act 3Deluxe Edition
SensationEpisode 1, Act 3Select Edition
WastelandEpisode 1, Act 3Deluxe Edition
IonEpisode 1, Act 3Premium Edition
ReaverEpisode 1, Act 3Premium Edition
Gravitational Uranium NeuroblasterEpisode 1, Act 2Premium Edition
SmiteEpisode 1, Act 2Select Edition
EgoEpisode 1, Act 2Premium Edition
SplineEpisode 1, Act 2Premium Edition
NebulaEpisode 1, Act 2Premium Edition
OniEpisode 1, Act 1Premium Edition
PrismEpisode 1, Act 1Deluxe Edition
SovereignEpisode 1, Act 1Premium Edition
PrimeEpisode 1, Act 1Premium Edition
AvalancheEpisode 1, Act 1Deluxe Edition
ConvexEpisode 1, Act 1 Select Edition
SakuraEpisode 1, Act 1Deluxe Edition
RushEpisode 1, Act 1Select Edition
GalleriaEpisode 1, Act 1 Select Edition
AristocratEpisode 1, Act 1Deluxe Edition
LuxeEpisode 1, Act 1 Select Edition

10 Best Skin Collections in Episode 8 Act 1 Night Market

There are a lot of skin collections to get your hands on on the night market. However, not all of them are equally desirable. Here we list our top ten best looking skins you can get on your night market.

This list is made completely based on the looks of the skins rather than the price and tier list. The diversity of weapons in a collection is also considered. However, this list is completely subjective, and prior changes are made based on personal choice.

10. Sarmad Collection

sarmad collection

This bundle lacks animations or SFX. However, you can get your hands on a nice-looking dual-wielded melee.

9. Team Ace Collection

team ace collection

If agent-themed skins are your thing, this is the cheapest bundle you can get.

8. VALORANT Go! Vol. 1 and 2 Collection

VALORANT Go! Vol. 1 and 2 Collection

Both the bundles offer Premium Edition skins based on agent themes. Especially the ”Yoru’s Stylish Butterfly Comb” melee is the one to root for.

7. Prime 2.0 Collection

Prime//2.0 Collection

Although the original Prime collections are also available on the night market, Prime 2.0 gets a heads-up because it includes the first karambit melee of the game.

6. Oni Collection

oni collection

Both of the Oni collections are available. However, don’t expect the Onimaru Kunitsuna melee from Oni 2.0 as it exceeds the night market price threshold.

5. Sovereign Collection

sovereign collection

One of the cleanest looking skins bundles in VALORANT to date. Still worth getting any of the skins.

4. Gaia’s Vengeance Collection

gaia's vengeance

You can consider yourself lucky to have any of Gaia’s Vengeance collections on your night market.

3. Ion Collection

Ion collection

Both of the Ion Collections are part of the night market. However, the Karambit melee from Ion 2.0 will be out of the list.

2. Reaver Collection

Reaver collection

Reaver Collection is easily one of the most popular skin bundles in VALORANT. You can expect any of the Reaver skins in your night market for a discounted price, except for the Reaver 2.0 Karambit.

1. Magepunk Collection

Magepunk Collection

Magepunk is the only skins bundle that has two reincarnated versions. Almost all of the weapon skins are covered in this collection. However, you will not get the Magepunk 3.0 Sparkswitch melee on the Night Market.

So, these are our top ten picks for the best skins you can hope to get on your Night Market. You can expect six randomized skins from these bundles or anything from the previous list on your next Night Market.

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